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Hey Warriors..

I've got up to get a quick advice on what to do in situation if

Someone hires you for lets say a sales page design, tells you how would he liked the header to be, the footer, the background, the $100 bills flying around, even tiny things like bullet points etc.. And then you quote him a price, take upfront deposit and start working on it.

You collect required stock images, get the layout done, get the colours as he asked and create a basic header portion with the header text etc.. probably something like this http://www.ask-me-about.com/start.jpg

And when you show it to him saying "this is just the start", he doesn't even comment on it, rather reveals that he isnt interested in a web 2.0 shiny sales page anymore, he is willing to get a wordpress theme done (in the same price) and with a totally different concept of design.. probably something like this

That's not the end, when you try to tell him that its a different thing, he says he can do it himself by pulling out free backgrounds. If you try to tell him that you are a professional designer and doesnt use free stuff, he threatens you to refund his money or else he will post in your sales thread.

You obviously will try to shut him up and issue a refund?

Ok, you refunded him..

Now what if he still posts in your sales thread telling people you're rude and not to work with you ?

What will ya do ?

And is it any professional to pull in freebies to create your artwork?
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    If you have already refunded the money, I would say don't try to appear defensive. Put in a editor's comment that the customer was refunded all monies. You just can't please everybody, but your reputation will stand on its own with your other satisfied customers.
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      You shoulda shaddup `n took it on the chin mate :rolleyes:

      WSO --> HOMEPAGER <--- WSO
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    The difference between having a client and being a client is the degree of control.

    This guy was obviously in control from square one and you failed to set out the rules applying within the relationship between the two of you.

    Once you fail to take control, expect to be used as a sounding board for someone else to learn to do what they (you think) want you to do for them.

    If you are in business - be business-like.

    You might not like what I say - but I believe it.
    Build it, make money, then build some more
    Some old school smarts would help - and here's to Rob Toth for his help. Bloody good stuff, even the freebies!

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    You didn't mention anything about a contract. Did you have one? If
    you have one you can include verbage for situations like this. If you
    didn't have one, then lesson learned and start using it.

    I had a very weird client not too long ago. I completed his landing page
    copy, the design work, everything. It really looked pretty good in my opinion.

    Then this guy sent an email that seemed outta left field. He was happy
    with the work I did. No complaints. But he started talking about a refund
    for his deposit, blah blah. Really and seriously, I didn't know where all this
    was coming from.

    He never asked for a refund. But it was all too weird for me, and I just
    didn't want to be bothered with him. So I just refunded his deposit and
    ended all communications.

    Some people are just too out there. Plenty of other available clients.

    Don't worry about it. Avoid being defensive. Explain any facts and move
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      Chalk it up to experience. Get a basic contract written up and establish clearly what it is you'll be doing for the client. If the deviations arent within reason, then keep control of the situation and alter your quote to account for the deviations. And continue to do great design work.
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