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Dear Warriors,

Very glad to have found this place. Been running a business online a long time (started in eBay in the late '90s), I can't believe I have never come across this place --- this forum is an absolute treasure trove!!

Tons of tactics, methods, resources, etc. If I have known some of what's available here, I would be better off. Though that would be nice, I don't think I did bad either. (I recently sold my business. Missed it already! It has been a good run. It has not only been satisfying being able to earn a living online doing something that I like while avoiding wasting my life in a brain-dead big corporation, but it has been nice to know other people share my interest.)

I think I will spend a lot of my "new-found" spare time here. Get educated, make new friends, talk shops - not sure I can contribute much in the "money making" topics ($10k in 30 days stuff), though I think I can share in the areas of running a business, conversion/selling, traffic generation, and marketing as an affiliate.

As a side note, I saw several of previous customers (fellow AFOL) posting here -- really cool!

Look forward to learn from all of you (fellow warriors),

Mindstorms Mike
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