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Who out there is a Minecraft fan?

I started playing about 2 weeks ago in my spare time and got attached to this fun and time consuming game. It is an endless world of imaginations and creations.

I think "Hunger Games" is a fun map type to play, great for fast intense games.

Care to start a Minecraft thread? I think not!
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    Yep, l have seen minecraft on tv, but don't have the nerve to try it.

    Too addictive!

    Parents call it Minecrack, because their kids have to get dragged from it, to stop, although in shopping centres, the same thing happens with a moving car ride?

    I would rather stay with Zelda Windwaker on the Wii, although l will probably need to cheat to get past the stupid underworld level with the wolf, and having to collect enough blue things to get out of there, and into the cool forest landscape again!

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    My 9 year old discovered this game. I set up a server for him and his little buddies. They have downloaded countless maps

    I limit his time though. I see how this game can be addictive. He has a blast. While playing they all get on Skype and they're hilarious to listen to.

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    I've been playing for the past two years... and also making money with it on youtube - best game I've ever played XD

    The pc version is ten times better than the xbox because of the almost unlimited amounts of mods available... the game in itself is really extensive, but the mods add a whole new bunch of variety.

    It's the one game that I would recommend to both casual and veteran players... if you haven't tried it, check out some videos on youtube... i highly recommend the yogscast and anyone from the MindCrack Server. PotatoOrgy's videos are hilarious too but less frequent...and if you want to see a fellow warrior play minecraft you can check my channel too, it's in the sig ;-)


    Ps. if you make videos too and are looking for collaborations I'm always willing to consider them!

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