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Hey Everyone, could you do me a favor? We have a client here in Eugene that is trying to win a free ad during the Super Bowl. Their name is Cascade Raptor Center and they are a non-profit organization that helps injured birds of prey and rehabilitates them. If you could vote for them at https://www.smallbusinessbiggame.com...-Center/373581 I would really appreciate it!
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    Done son
    "CRC is a non-profit nature center and wildlife hospital founded to connect humans and birds of prey. Through nature education and care of injured birds, CRC helps people learn to understand and appreciate wildlife."
    At the very, very, least they deserve a vote.

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    Voted - good organization
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    What a great organization....I voted.
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    Done -

    Man, they know how to market. What an adorable little owl on that pic. Who could say no to that face?

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    Voted and shared! Hope it helps!!!

    ~ Theresa

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    Courtesy vote to keep the post on top.

    Cause I already voted.

    If they won, the ad on the Superbowl would be worth, what 3 or 4 million dollars worth of advertising for them.

    Go ahead folks vote your hearts out.

    Go Who! Who!

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    Voted - twice.

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    Done Done and Done.

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      Thanks everyone for all your votes. You can vote once per day if you find the time. I doubt they will win but I guess stranger things have happened!

      Thanks again!

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    Done and I'll hit it again tomorrow
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    8 characters
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