Is courtesy important to you?

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I believe this is an interesting topic and so I want to get some feedback please.
If you have someone send you an email or a pm asking for rates and samples but they don't give you their name, do you want to know their name so you can deal with them more personally?
Or are you happy to just use their username?
Do you ask for their email address to send samples?

**This only applies to potential new customers.

I will not reveal names this happens to me a lot and most people are more than happy to tell you their name. However, I had an incident where one person saw it as an issue. I just want to find out how others see this scenario.
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    Laurence, it was very difficult for me to place a vote simply because I didn't find a suitable option. Let me explain...

    Most of my clients are return clients or clients I have a contract with, so I already know their names and email addresses.

    I have had other Warriors contact me via PM, however, they always signed their PM with their name if it didn't match their user name and of course they readily gave me their email address so I could deliver the finished piece.

    The same is true when I get inquiries through my contact form from my site. They have all been signed with a personal name and through my contact form, an email is required. If they want work delivered to a different email address, they provide that information as well.

    I have never had anyone ask for samples to be emailed to them. Perhaps my site is sufficient, or they are aware of my writing skill via word of mouth or through my writing in other places.

    I do, however, like personal first name to first name interactions.

    I hope that helps you.

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    Thank you Terra. I know I could have had more options but there are too many possibilities. I agree that repeat customers are never an issue. I just edited my initial post to state it's only for potential new customers.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Website / Blog for more info.

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