How I got into Telemarketing!

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I am putting up this thread to give a brief synopsis of my experience, just to share it, like anyone else might do.

Not to sell anything, but to save myself from answering a bunch of questions over and over in the future.

I know that when a person in the offline forum talks about a bunch of different experiences, people tend to think “Yeah right. How could you have done all those things in one lifetime…?”

So here it is:

I started out when I was 21 as a telemarketer for a construction company, and became really good at it. I was the telemarketer of the month in a small room of maybe 10 or 12 people for nine months in a row, by my second month there. I have told a lot of people the story of the struggle of learning to telemarket there.

After that I bounced around between a few telemarketing rooms and factory jobs for a couple of years… before getting signed to a publishing company as a full time staff songwriter for seven years.

During that time, I was also a performing artist, in fact here is one of my songs, (Yes, it's me singing) recorded at RCA studios in Nashville, from 20 years ago. There is nothing to sell here, so this link is totally non promotional:

When that songwriting contract ended, I went back into the work force at a telemarketing room that sold directory listings for an online business directory.

That's also about the time I started getting online myself, and the first place I found was the WF. Have been an altruistic warrior every since then!

In that call center, which sold directory listings, I quickly moved up to being a top telemarketer, and was made assistant manager, then general office manager.

That place had around 100 telemarketers. I managed it for just over a year. During my time as manager we sold over 19,000 directory listings.

During this time word had spread of my management abilities, as telemarketers who would leave my room would go to other rooms and talk about me… and it lead to me getting hired on as general manager of another room across town…

This room was a BPO company who handled all kinds of different contracts from merchant processing services, to Sprint, Verizon, credit card companies, employment guides…, all kinds of different contracts.

We probably worked on 30 or more different contracts over my almost two years there…

So that’s where a lot of these stories come from. Much like Ewan who has worked on all kinds of ad copy contracts… when you manage TM’s for a BPO you over see selling processes for a lot of different types of companies.

That doesn’t mean I was RICH, just successful. A telemarketing manager doesn’t make a ton of money… although, later I did experience some really great successes in my own businesses.

Moving on…

I then went to work as the sales manager for another web design company for around a year with a about a dozen or more salespeople.

I have also had a couple of telemarketing rooms of my own over time… and one that was run virtually over the internet.

Two, including the internet one, acted as lead generation companies for insurance agencies and financial agencies such as mortgage brokers, and the like…

The other was a web design company, which I later turned into a niche online directory…

2005-2007 I managed a fairly large room in Nashville Tn., called NPS. It was a fundraising room that collected funds for charities such as police, firefighter, diabetes, veterans of war, and others. We raised millions of dollars per year in charity funds!

In between times I have done some telemarketing from home for myself on various projects, have consulted other companies who came to me for help with their telemarketing processes…

And finally, I started the telemarketing forum (of which many of you are familiar) in 2010, which I ran for a few years before selling it to a company called Safe Soft Solutions. In the last few years I have worked a lot online training people and helping them learn telemarketing from home, in the process I have learned a lot more, myself.

Aside from all of that, there have been a few short lived sales jobs here and there ...but that is pretty much the gist of it.

For instance, I tried to be a new car salesman once, but I hated that didn't last long. I also sold steak door to door for a few months, working out of a pickup truck with a freezer on the back of it. lol As well as having managed a small chain of retail stores for a friend of mine, for a short season.

So, anyway; that’s where my experience comes from.

I hope this thread can be left up, because I want to be able to send people to it, if they ask me where I got all my information… and it will just save a lot of trouble.

In the meantime, anyone who wants to know anything about telemarketing, can also utilize this thread and I will be glad to help you anyway I can.

Much love and peace,
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    Boot skootin boogie is what I thought when I heard it. I managed a country band for close to a year in Sacramento CA. That was a trip to say the least.

    Of course there's some Aaron Tippin and Travis Tritt in there as well. But that's just me thinking out loud.
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      I can understand the Tippin and Tritt interpretations, but was also thinking Joe Diffie and maybe a little Wade Hayes as well. Not too shabby there, JD. I'm gonna go ahead and call it commercially viable, and maybe even now. Definitely in keeping with the mid-90s trend without a TOTAL overdose of cheese. But coming from a closet redneck like me, that ain't sayin' much. Heh !

      Reminds me of my karaoke glory days. Good times. Thanks for the share. Ever dream of breaking back into that market, John ?

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    Lol... I didn't think that the music is what people would take from this, but THANKS guys! Obviously, it was my real dream in life. Loved all those guys mentioned. Haven't heard anybody bring up Wade Hayes in awhile. He was a good one. I use to do his song "Old Enough To Know Better" In clubs all the time.

    Originally Posted by unglued View Post

    Ever dream of breaking back into that market, John ?

    Interestingly, (Unglued) I don't know about getting back into trying to make it big at 46 years old...but I have been going back into the studio lately. I have a bunch of songs from 20 years ago, that I have been wanting a "Do Over" on (as far as vocal tracks) , for a long time. So I looked up an old engineer and started going back into the booth a couple of months ago, making that happen. This coming week I should have possession of some more really killer music. I had lost track of my "masters" for years...and so that's why I never shared this stuff before.

    I dont think I will ever try to be an artist or anything again, but still may try to get some songs cut and go for that hit, as a writer. You are ever too old for that! I have about 200 songs, in all kinds of different country genre's from Brian White type songs, to Wade Hayes type songs.

    On another note, I have been playing lead guitar in a country band for the last year and a half, on the side...Nineties country like you said...I like it because it has the best "Chickin Pickin" (if anyone knows what that is...), which is really fun to play on guitar.

    On the side, I have also been doing acoustic gigs, playing stuff like James Taylor, Jim Croce, Cat Stevens...

    Had not played music in over ten years, until about a year and a half the last year and a half though I have probably play well over a hundred gigs. Have slowed down some lately, but it has been a blast!

    After going through a real tough personal time, I had to sort of find myself again, and playing music has been a big part of that. Got me through what was surely the toughest time in my life.

    Being back on the Warrior Forum brings it full circle.

    Thanks for the interest guys. Again, I didn't figure the music would be the main thing in this post... but if it was then I am glad. Obviously that's my true love. Thank you for appreciating it with me!

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      Most don't know that Ronnie Dunn and Kix Brooks were successful writers long before they ever recorded, and Skip Ewing STILL kills it from behind the scenes with pen and paper. You should give it a shot. I know I'd be interested in hearing anything that ever made it to session. Wish I had a demo myself, but I'm just a self-styled truck cab crooner who doesn't play an instrument. But I win beer money more often than not...

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    Skip is my hero!

    He is one of the greatest songwriters of the century in my book. Skip Ewing is who I always wanted to be like, song writing wise. It's never too late for that. Nothin wrong with a little cab croonin'. When I get this other stuff out of the studio I will put it up in OT for you Unglued, if they let me. There is really a lot to say about these sessions, but I don't like to go on about it too much. It's cool if you like the music though. Thanks again.

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    Great post John. I enjoy seeing how people get from A to B. Its always a fantastic story. I should post mine one day...
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      Originally Posted by Jeremiah Walsh View Post

      Great post John. I enjoy seeing how people get from A to B. Its always a fantastic story. I should post mine one day...

      Thanks. There have definitely been a lot of interesting things to learn along the way, from how fundraising organizations makes millions of dollars collecting for charities, to how BPO's sell leads to insurance agencies, to how online directory sites sell thousands of listings, all the way to how marketers build email lists, and make sales on the internet...

      There is a lot of water under this bridge, for sure.

      Would love to hear your story sometime.
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