Controlling the prospecting process with cold calling

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I cold called this guy who is an e-commerce company

Here are the contact's:

1st contact - First phone call - 30/04/15
2nd contact via email same day
3rd contact - 05/05/15 - Was in a meeting
4th contact - 08/05/15 - Said it was a bad line, not now, then it went dead
4th contact - 08/05/15 - Sent email to confirm and ask for a time
5th contact - 14/05/15 - Google Adwords Chat

Call 1, ask for name but found out it was him I on the phone. Had our little chat but he was busy and asked to send email. Didn't give me chance to qualify

Call 2, Sent email after the call

Call 3, he was in a meeting and said he would email - Sounded abit annoyed

Call 4, Follow email to suggest a time.

Call 5 today, he basically said "I haven't replied, which means I'm not interested" He was definitely annoyed with my persistence!

My reply was, "well Franc, you didn't say yes or no to furthering our contact, which was why I called. When we first spoke you showed interest but we never did get down to whether I can help. My aim today is not to sell, it's to find out what you need because we still don't know that. This is so you can say yes or no after you've had a chat with me.

( I sense he was still annoyed of my calling but I could feel he understood my point that I have nothing to sell yet. He did say something along the lines of not wanting to work with someone who keeps calling...)

Why don't we schedule a time to do that? He then said "fine, lets do it now 5 mins"

He qualifies on

Budget - I said the pricing but I didn't confirm if this would fit, stupid of me. There was no pricing objection but that could change on the next call. My fault
Authority - He makes decision
Need - Has the problem and wants more traffic
Timing - To talk in June when his new site is up.

He's 90% qualified but I feel the next few weeks might give him time to change his mind oh well. We'll see.

The point I'm making here is not taking no for an answer (first few times). I had to bust through his reasons why not to talk and why he should talk with my reason. Always be the last person to ask a question.

Result - Pushed the sale lead through the next stage of the sales process from qualifying to pretty much presentation and closing on the next call.

I have little experience dealing with annoyed leads but I think that went well.
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    I have some experience with annoyed leads, not in website sales though. Usually they were annoyed at the buying process, they don't want to spend the money, it takes too long, everyone in the world sucks, etc.

    With these people I go straight for the close. "sir, I understand that nobody likes to deal with X. Based off what you told me about x,y, and z, let me go ahead and (solve your problem) doing x as quick and as painless as possible ok? Now all I need is a blank check and a signature here."

    It almost always works.Why? Because these types of prospects in my experience have the same unpleasant personality and react the same way. Tell them you are going to solve their problem in AS FEW words as possible. Why? Because these types of people will argue with you over everything you say.
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