Amazing halloween campaign by Burger King

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Halloween is always a good challenge for marketers, everyone do their best to design ground breaking campaigns that will be remembered by the audience, and that are capable of achieving some level of virality on social media, this season always give us some interesting cases for studying.

This year, Burger King has really won all the awards, their marketing agency (David Miami) came up with a campaign that is creative, innovative and ground breaking at the same time, they really surprised me and im sure it has surprised you as well.

What did they do? They played with one of the most sensible things in the burger market: the competition, and Burger King compites with a true heavy of the industry: Mcdonalds, now thats some aggressive competitors.

However, they found some pretty good way of playing with this competition, they disguised one of their locals in Queens, New York as a Mcdonalds local--covering itself in billowing white sheets and trolling its rival with a special sign that read: "Booooooo! Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween."

Amazing, right? I just would love to know were they took this amazing ideas, and just to refresh our minds, its actually not the first time they do something like this, a few years ago they also launched a campaign challenging Mcdonalds to create a new burger with them. And so far, the people in Mcdonalds hasnt replied to any of the campaigns, I think they must get quite angry every time something like this happens.

Here is the video of this years campaign, I suggest you have a look at it, its just magic:

Burger King is not the only company to do this kind of marketing actions, some time ago, Pepsi did a similar campaign, dressing one of its cans as a Coca Cola can and wishing their customers a "scary halloween", another amazing case for study.

These examples show how you can use your competitor in your own campaigns, of course, these kind of ideas are very risky, if your competitor finds a way to repply to your campaign, your idea could just back fire right back to you, it could turn in a real mess or a reputational crisis. And if you try to do something like this, you will need an army of lawyers to make sure you will not break any copyright laws and things like that, Burger King didnt used Mcdonalds actual logo for this campaign.

Do you know any other example of this kind of negative campaign that we could discuss? I believe negative campaigns are one of the most interesting things in marketing, I would really like to have a discussion about them at the forum.

Let me know what you think about them and if you have any other examples please post them here as comments, and I really hope you had an amazing halloween! Burger King sure had quite a good one lool.
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