I have access to my own working Craigslist autoposter -- how can I monetize?

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I'm new to the CPA/Clickbank/Online Monetizing game

I'm a software developer by profession and I've been able to create my own in house solution for Craigslist auto posting, for any number of ads, including different cities

I am not interested in selling it or renting it out, but I am wondering how can I monetize off of this?

I have signed up for Peerfly and been accepted, but I heard simply posting CPA offers with links on craigslist is an easy way to get banned.

So how can I ideally make maximum dollar off this tool I have created?

Another option I am looking at is Clickbank, but from what I've read, I feel they aren't doing numbers like they used to

What would be the best route to take?
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    I pay a company $200 a month to post 10 ads for my company a day under the services section....
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    For auto posting, do you have to pay the $5 per vehicle posting fee or not?
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