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Can I place ads on the left side of the post card below my return address?

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    Placing ads is a great free way to build a business brand and drive traffic so I would definitely recommend it.

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    Unless your ad directly reinforces or aligns with your message, it generally is not a good idea. Too much information squeezed on to a post card often diffuses any call to action.
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    A bit past half way down is a green graphic that shows where the address clear spaces and barcode clear space need to be.

    The answer is basically yes, but they can not cross the 3.5" line from the right of the card
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    Yes you can, and this tactic ensures that the recipient sees your message whichever side of the postcard is up when they sort their mail.

    I always have my clients do this for that reason.

    Marcia Yudkin
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    I think it is a great idea! I like such offline marketing methods a lot, I have to say!
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