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I have mulled over this post for a few days now... want to be profound and all of that, but just not feeling it for some reason.

I guess a good place to start is by thanking the many fine members of this forum in particular. There is consistently great insight and information shared.. even tho it seems like most of the time it falls on deaf ears - can get real frustrating at times, or should I just say its is sometime painful to watch LOL.

The phrase " With age comes experience " rings oh so true here. I would say that most of the main contributors here have been doing this stuff for DECADES. That means there is literally CENTURIES of combined knowledge within the words we read here. Not to shabby for a public forum.

The path of offline marketing has changed in the last 20 years... change a lot in the last 10, and has been pretty much turned on its ear in the last 5. What was once literally offline - there was no online.. to todays online solutions, for offline business'.

With all of the change there are few skill sets that remain unchanged regardless of format the information is provided. A picture can still speak 1000 words. Headlines are still as powerful today as they were yesterday, and will continue to be in the future. There is no sense in writing anything if the format you are displaying it makes it hard to read ( be it font choice, color combo choice, or background choice. )

These are just a few of the universal truths in Marketing and they hold true in printed form, or through digital delivery. Think about this for a moment. Amazon is not so amazing.. all it is, is a digital version of the Sears Catalog. Even the concept of a Wish list is nothing new.. Back in the day a bent corner on a page, and maybe a circle around the wanted item was the exact same thing.

A concept to grab ahold of is you are not inventing the wheel. There is literally nothing you are going to do in your efforts to make a sale that has not been done before. There is literally nothing you will ever provide a client that has never been provided before. The FORM may not be the same, but in the end, the FUNCTION will remain the same.

Spend some time each day looking at past efforts. And then see how they may be delivered today. Learn from the past, to improve your current experience.

And in closing.. I want to thank everyone that has read my writings over the years. I want to thank those that have shared their successes, from practicing what I preach. And with that maybe in a years time I will come up with something better to say at post 5000 LOL
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    mate 4000 posts. WOW
    Thanks heaps for being here. It means a lot
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    Congratulations Awesome deal here. Agreed on age and experience. If you open to learning, experience knocks on your mind's door every hour of every day. I seem to learn more on a daily basis by slowing down, calming down and just plain helping folks, here on Warrior and all over the place online.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    I've really enjoyed some of your posts that I've read. I appreciate your insights and wisdom.

    4K is a good achievement, congratulations.
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    I like what you said about not reinventing the wheel. Once you learn the solid basics they can be applied in a myriad of ways. Particular markets can change or even vanish. But the knowledge and critical thinking skills you accumulate you can keep and take with you anywhere
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    Congratulations on your 4,000th post! Nice milestone.
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    4,000 is an impressive number, but more importantly, the quality of your posts is excellent. Always good info, well thought out and clear.

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    Thank you for the wise reminders.

    It got me thinking about the unfortunate tendency of newcomers to marketing to disparage and reject anything not written in the last two years. For example, someone recently commented on one of my courses that some of the examples seemed dated.

    As you implied, however, the persuasion techniques to sell the latest app are no different than those used to sell patent medicine or fashionable clothing 100 years ago.

    The longer people study marketing, the more they recognize this truth. But it's hard to get newbies to understand it.

    Marcia Yudkin
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    Thanks for all your wise words and help, and congratulations on reaching your 4000 post.
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    First off thank you everyone for the kind words... kinda nice to read LOL

    I was actually having a discussion today with a small gathering about how much things change they really stay the same. The story I shared was about my introduction to internet marketing - before there was an internet - well kinda

    So in the early 80's my mother in her infinite wisdom, understood that these new fangled home computers were the future. I was 12 or 13 and she bought my first computer for me. I think she unknowing created a monster. With a TI 99-4A and a tape drive ( cassettes ) I would spend endless hours programming text based RPG's and having friends come over and try and get through them.

    That turned into getting into Apple II's and II+'s etc. With that, came modems. With modems, came BBS's ( bulletin board systems ) So basically the internet minus the internet. One computer connecting to another not through the internet but via a phone line.

    I went from visiting BBS's to actually running one. At some point I saw the concept of charging a monthly fee for entry into a private area. Mostly the " Private " areas were for friend to post back and forth... I then came across a BBS that had a private section full of hacks etc. Paying a fee for premium content.

    I had a pretty decent private section on my BBS. Monthly cracked game downloads, game hacks, and some more dark side hacker stuff of the day. hack box wiring diagrams ( done in text ) long distance codes for free long distance dialing etc. My monthly subscription rate kept increasing, and my number of memberships kept increasing. I want to say 1984 I had a 10 Meg hard drive worth of data.

    Going back 30+ years Content was directly related to traffic and income. It is absolutely no different today. The exact same concepts then I can and do still apply today. Its really kind of scary when you think about it.

    As I am now writing this.. I am thinking BACK THEN I was developing my front end design style for websites. The design for sales funnels, for sales copy, for ad placement on pages.. and the more I think things have changed.. they have remained exactly the same.
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    It's incrediable, 4000 posts. Nice achievement. Understand that you don't stop on this point
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    Thank you for your contributions. I may have just joined the website but I have been reading for a while and I have learned a lot from many of your helpful posts.
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    A concept to grab ahold of is you are not inventing the wheel. There is literally nothing you are going to do in your efforts to make a sale that has not been done before. There is literally nothing you will ever provide a client that has never been provided before. The FORM may not be the same, but in the end, the FUNCTION will remain the same.
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