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I am John Durham.

I have more thanks to my name than actual posts. This is my 6000th post and I doubt that I will ever reach 7,000, because, since Allen left, this place has become a shithole... and I doubt that any newcomer will ever have the wonderful experience that I had here. I hope to give you a hint of that in this post.

Please cherish it.

When the internet was new, which many of you were born into. It was amazing. The WF was at the very forefront of it. Allen Says, was amazing.

At first he was the main poster, and we all hung on every word he said. Sure, he had times when he was a jerk (seemingly) , but Hey! We are ALL that. We all have that. We all have good, bad, and down right ugly.... but some of us give our heart and soul. Allen did that, and it was beyond words, AMAZING. He was the greatest catalyst of internet money making that will EVER be seen.

We all learned.

And he created in us a "family"... through deep insight.

I have been a Warrior since 1999 although my stats dont show it.

Some will hate me for saying this, but I think I was the Warrior that caused them to start the "offline forum", which in my opinion, is the greatest sub forum on the WF... I had threads in the main forum (about "offline") that generated 60, 70 80,000 views, and I think they saw the potential in it...and around 2007 or 8, they started a forum that was totally dedicated to "offline"

Not only have I been a leader, and lover of the people at WF, but I have also raised thousands upon thousands, upon tens, and upon hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities within the WF, without taking a penny... The WF and its people have been so good to me, in history that is soo far past that you may never remember it....that I wanted to give back to our family.

That is my nature.

The first time people recieved a report from me, I was so humble and thankful that I started a free forum for them, because I thought they needed more guidance than just a report. I was offended , originally, when people wanted to SELL within th for5um I created, because to me it was just a gift.

So anyway...

Thats where I come from. I certainly don't need WF popularity, in order to succeed anymore...so Im just gonna say what I think.

I promoted Claude Whitakeres... I promoted Jason Kannigans.... I had little regard for money, (though I made alot) , and I only thought of "helping" and giving back.

The guys I have promoted have become more successful than even myself... I don't care about that anymore... there was a time when it bugged me, but I have my own thing, and its all good. Don't need to be popular, or cry about the people I helped who diss me today.


I dont rely on the WF.... but I will always honor it, love it, and be thankful for it.
To me... When I see the ords "Warrior Forum" in my mind, I only see Bkay, and Paul Meyers, and George Wright... That's what it means to me. I love them and thank God for them.

Moving on...

The WF was the ABSOLUTE greatest forum on the internet for learning to make money...

Now it seems its just a bunch of snarky jerks, entertaining themselves by cutting down the newbies and laughing within their own clicks... and they are just as stupid as the newbies... they found a way to make success, and that makes them think they know it all...when , really, they only know their own way.

It seems that the true desire to help is gone. The desire to be popular among elites, seems to be the big thing.

My own desire to help came from thankfulness... not money motivation...or popularity that was nice, but it wasnt where I came from. It wasnt what I did this for.

I give you my most valuable advice today, as a 20 year Warrior who has made a million dollars or more on the journey... just from the WF alone....

I have taught things that are the opposite of this.... but, with 20 years of understanding here is my advice for young Warriors. Period. In one sentence. It is very simple.

"Follow Russel Brunson"

Im an affiliate of his, but there is no affiliate link here. That is the way. I may have sacrificed 100k by saying this, without promoting... but THAT is the way. DSimple, 123... do it. That is my 6000th post.


Sincerely, John Durham
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    Rock on, John!

    I haven't been around much here lately, and noticed it seems to have declined. Glad to be able to search all the old threads.

    David Hunter | Duke of Marketing | Real Estate Agent

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    Lol, c'mon John, you private messaged me to STOP giving too much away.

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    What moving On? I just started. So this is a bad place?
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    Thanks for the advice.
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    Originally Posted by John Durham View Post

    The WF and its people have been so good to me, in history that is soo far past that you may never remember it....
    Some of go back into the Dark Shadows of the Shady Past and Remember.
    Want a Better Tomorrow? You Can Start by Making Better Choices Today!
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      Originally Posted by tryinhere View Post

      Some of go back into the Dark Shadows of the Shady Past and Remember.
      What, like the shady WSO's he has put out more than once and been banned for? Always to come back with a sob story... but no refunds.
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    Congratulations John! on reach a big milestone of 6000s post. Keep it up and keep sharing your thoughts and experience with others as such. Hope you will reach the 10,000 marks soon.
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    I've wandered in from time to time with varying success. From the early days, the whole idea was to create content through answering questions, sharing victories and defeats, and then occasionally do a WSO or 20. As usual, when typing my answer, it occurs to me that most blogging tutorials mention the 3 content posts to every offer ratio. And for the snarky comments, I read them, ponder their validity and then decide what to do. Recently, I made a post and was called a librarian in the comments. The comment is absolutely true. I am in the process of changing that as I type, but I've always been a collector. One of my product launches was basically a firesale of my hard drive full of RR and PLR. So congratulations John, on your 6,000th post.
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    Gosh, Didn't you resign in 2015 ? After ripping a load of guys off with a WSO ? or was that someone with the same name ?


    Part of the problem, rather than the solution !!!
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    Grateful to you for what you have done here. And for the incredibly useful posts you made that earned you all the thanks. However, contrary to what you are saying, your long paragraphs about self-praise say otherwise. Who cares though ?

    Anyways, hope to see you reach 7000th post as well. Would be great to see more activity around here.
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    Congrats John.
    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
    If you want to become a full time blogger you can buy my eBook here
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    You are spot on. There are two or three people on WF.com that are negative and critical on just about every post. You know who they are. I know who they are. They know who they are.

    It's really just sad. I still believe WF.com can rebound and become great again. That's the only reason I come back 1-2 times per week to see what is new.

    There are lots of talented people here, many who are just very quiet and watching in the background. There are also tons of newbies craving direction.

    What this place needs is a moderator who will kick out or block these negative folks. It would make a huge difference.

    Also, allowing people to comment on older threads would be huge. Every time I do that, my thread gets deleted. Just my two cents.
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