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Hey guys

I need some beta testers for a new software I developed called the Local Lead Maximizer.

It finds all of the unverified listings in Google Places in your city.

I was hoping for 25 testers.

Go here to get the software

Local Lead Maximizer
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    I may just give it a try.

    I started out with nothing and I still have most of it.

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      It does freeze up using the tab Local Lead Maximizer. Running on a win 7/64 bit pc.

      Murphy's law:"It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious"

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    Just did a download...I will give it a shot this weekend.
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    Just downloaded it and will give it a run this weekend and report back


    Don't forget your dreams

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    Hi RK

    I have signed up and have been testing it out, I really like what I see so far. I have sent you an email with the details.

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    Just signed up. Will give it a go tomorrow. Got family coming over for dinner tonight.
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    It says you need 25 spots filled, but there aren't that many posts here.
    I would be willing to throughly test the software for you if you still need testers.
    Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone
    - Neale Donald Wilson -
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    DO you still have room for more beta testers? Would love to try this out...
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    I am also interested. I gave you my email but did not get the software.

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    I've been playing with this and it is pretty cool. Very simple. Very easy to use. Saves time.

    Feature request/suggestion:

    For the lead maximizer it would be very cool if you could choose listings beyond page one google pack. Even choose which or how many pages to go beyond page one or have it tell you which page they show up on.

    Thanks for letting me be a beta tester.
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    sounds like a winner. I would like to give it a try.


    Bill Skywalker Edwards

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      If you still need beta testers, I would be interested. I've been working offline clients for awhile now and always looking to add new ways to increase business.
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      I just gave it a test run on the finder part....out of 10 listings for my first search, 2 have not been in business for over 3 years...one of them should not have even been in the category. I think this problem is more Google than anything else.

      I would love to see the listing rank, I think that would be a great help when contacting the business owners....
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    I am available if you still need a beta tester.
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