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It's obvious that there are good (and bad) times to call a local business, but I'm curious if any of the same principles apply to emailing?

I suspect it's far less of an issue, but I still thought I'd pose the question and see what you all thought.

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    Yes, the time is important. Also the frequency, the title and the content of emails are important in email marketing. Nevertheless it depends in what geographic area you are and then what is the busiest time of the day in that area for your prospective customers (demographics) for checking emails
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    A long long time ago I had heard that the best time to send an email was 8am. I adopted this idea and have had above average results with open-rates and click-through rates.
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      The best time to send your email can depend on a number of factors:
      • who your audience is
      • what your content is
      • why you're sending the email...
      I find the best days are Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, with Tuesday and Thursday being my preferred days.

      Why not Monday?

      Look at your Monday - what are you normally doing? It's the first day back in the office after the weekend. You'll probably spend the day finishing off last weeks jobs before you even start looking through your new batch of emails.

      If you do get to your emails I bet you just give them a cursory glance and pick our the most important ones. Considering how much work you have to get through that week, you'll probably also delete those which you won't have time to look at - i.e. the newsletters! (this is where it pays to spend extra time working on your eye-catching headline).

      Why not Friday?

      The same kind of thing as above - you're now winding down for the weekend trying to finish off those last minute jobs that landed on your desk at lunchtime. You don't have time for newsletters and marketing emails now and you definitely don't want to see them on Monday morning so they end up being deleted.

      Tuesday and Thursday then

      In my experience, Tuesday and Thursday are the best days. Why? Who knows - perhaps you're more into your stride by then or you have more time on those days. But it seems to work for me.

      Remember though, there is only one way to really discover the optimum time to send your communications and that's by testing. Try it and test it - who knows you may come up with completely different results to me.
      Everyone's market is different so testing is the only way to determine what will really work for you. But it's also important to keep testing. Different times of year could return different results.

      I found this answer very logical. Very well explained. I'm not allow to post LINK here, so i have posted major explanation here. (article is really good )
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    I would run a trial test by sending out a certain amount of emails at different times of day and see where you get the most action. then try it again a few more times to see if it is accurate.
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    Originally Posted by Derek Thomas View Post

    It's obvious that there are good (and bad) times to call a local business, but I'm curious if any of the same principles apply to emailing?

    I suspect it's far less of an issue, but I still thought I'd pose the question and see what you all thought.

    Are you talking about emailing "cold" or to an opt-in list?
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    Never!! Haha... ;-) Unless they are already a client of yours, or a referral, I have found that e-mailing to get business produces ZERO results. Unless you are blatantly Spamming a LARGE list, you are going to get very few responses.

    If you are going to e-mail somebody, keep it short and sweet and don't fully identify why you are contacting them. It is tempting to write out a long e-mail, but I've found it is just a waste of time.

    Anyway, just my two cents!!

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    I think that best time to email is after 11pm, that time more suitable... Less traffic
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    Best time to email is 11 AM and 3 PM
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    You're going to love the suprising results of this research study -

    06-27-11: What's Really Working in Email Marketing: B2B

    They analyzed 7,000 email promotions...

    Having said that, IMHO, I would start off mailing during the "sweet spot" periods mentioned in the research report - then I'd track to see what got me the best rates.
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    I've had my best results on Tuesdays through Thursdays. It varies with different campaigns and the types of lists I'm working off of. It depends if it is a cold list or a warmer list of opt-ins that you are farming.

    I really try and avoid Friday through Sunday emails. I've found that most people don't check their emails that often during those days and my email gets pushed way down in their inbox.
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    Originally Posted by Derek Thomas View Post

    I suspect it's far less of an issue, but I still thought I'd pose the question and see what you all thought.
    It's less of an issue but the trouble is making sure it doesn't show up to the person in a clump of all kinds of other messages. So hitting peak times in which people check their email frequently is a huge boost... pretty much the timeframes mentioned above.
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    I think the best time to email the clients is 8am and 10pm.thus, people will have more time to read the emails.
    ----Choose your favorite fashion .
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    I think it depend upon you. I like 10 am for sending email.
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    Its more of a timing rather than the time to send the email. I find it that the marketing emails that has given more success was those that came after I have sent in several emails that provide something of value or something that the reader would appreciate and build a relationship first with them before sending out the business email.

    Time wise, does not really have though about it much. . . well with your question on the floor as well as with the responses available, I am giving the time release a second look now.

    Kudos to a question worth thinking about.
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    Like hannahraasch, I think Tuesdays and Thursdays tend to be the best days, although Wednesdays work well also, I send out my e-letter out on a Wednesday and that works well.

    I imagine peoples inboxes are already full when hey switch on thier PC's on a Monday morning, so they do not have time to give what they see as less important mail thier attention. With Fridays it may simply be that people are winding down for the weekend, and like the first day of the week they will only direct thier attention to the most important stuff in thier inbox.

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    I have found the best time to email is Tuesday Morning at 7 or 8 am and late at night around 10 pm on the same day. Depending on the person, 7 in the morning on Tuesday is time to check the inbox and a lot check the inbox at home late at night before going off to bed.
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      Never really noticed a difference. Just take some action and more importantly OUTSOURCE the emailing.

      I'm an online marketer and mortgage loan officer.

      Connect with me at www.Scarpero.com

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    It is true that there should be time for mailing. One should not send emails at any time out of working hours. It appears fake & peoples neglect this. So, time, subject, content are very important in email marketing like the calls.
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    i agree with option sending email in Tuesday morning. I used to do this in Monday morning but in fact it's not effective. Thanks
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    i think when you are in good mood...
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