What services to you offer to offline business'?

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What's up guys,

Just wanted to know... What type of services you offer offline business'?

I have just started doing stuff for these business' (only have 3 clients so far).

The services I am doing for these people are: web design, seo and google places.

But some of these can be such a PAIN IN THE ASS!

For example, 2 of the people I am building websites for (incredibly cheap by the way) are stupidly picky and annoying. I also think I needed to make it more clear that "IF YOU WANT ME TO WRITE ALL THE CONTENT ON YOUR SITE IT IS EXTRA $$$"

And with the seo, 1 client already has a website and is making it really difficult for me to optimize it. It was designed by his brother (dreamweaver or something), and doesn't know how to access the html so I can change the tags and stuff.

So how do you guys ever find delivering your services frustrating?

And what services do you offer?

Thanks guys, you Warrior forum folk are always so helpful
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    The question you should be asking...Is what can i bring to the party for this business owner in the form of a Strategic Partner... If warriors could just learn to operate from a Partner Mentality vs a Money Mentality...They would have money piled up like Fort Knox...

    Don't get caught up in services, remember business owners care about one thing and one thing only.. RESULTS and ROI. anything else is just FLUFF.

    Example: Do you have a mobile phone...(yes) Does it make calls, use apps, text...all the cool stuff (yes) Great, now let me ask you and everyone else a question... Do you have any idea how that thing works..how its built, how it makes calls or texts and connects to towers... I know i sure don't, but dang it works.. I get Results. That's all i care about. That in itself is exactly how business owners think...

    So to answer your questions.... What services do we offer...


    To your continued success...

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      Very insightful. And I think I understand. It's about the outcome, not how we get it for them.

      For the my current clients I did not sell them SEO, but I sold them "Get more customers calling you everyweek"

      So then do you charge for results?

      Like every lead/customer you get them, they pay x amount?
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    I usually offer Social Marketing as well as PPC management..These are the 2 most popular services in demand..
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    Instead of complaining about your customers, you should be communicating your concerns to them if you wish to retain them or you'll lose them all if you can't perform to their standards.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Visit my site for more info

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    you can also offer the social media services which one is most popular.
    Example: increase the facebook fan page fans.

    best way you can offer:
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    You have to define your deliverables. Better spell them out in quantifiable form like a simple website with a simple banner, hosting, etc. Without the quantity, clients will ask for the moon and the stars.
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    I help offline businesses generate more revenue with sales training and copywriting, and--for a select few business owners who have built a company but hate how it's taken over their lives--corrective action to:

    * remove them as a necessary central component of the business

    * re-engineer the organization's processes so that it runs like and can be sold as a franchise

    * free up the owner's time so they can go do all those "life goals" projects they were never free to do before.
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    It's interesting as I read through these threads that one common theme is: wondering what "business owners" want or what would motivate a "business owner" to make a favorable decision?

    I can't say that I haven't wondered the same thing many times. But then I have to point out the obvious to myself....I'm a business owner....so are you!

    With that in mind, what is it that WE would want from a vendor?
    The big lesson in life, baby, is never be scared of anyone or anything.
    -- FRANK SINATRA, quoted in The Way You Wear Your Hat
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      I am very careful in taking on clients in general. For me it is not just about the money, but can I get along with them. If they are going to be agrivating me then the money is not worth it.

      Fortunately after 10 odd years of doing this I can 'afford" not to take one someone that I do not like. I have over the years also developed a 'sense' of who I am willing to take on as a client and who not. I can generaly get a feel from the innitial emails / conversations if I want this person as a client or not. The agrevation they can cause is just not worth it for me, I do not care how much money they pay.

      If they are know it alls and do not appreciate my expertise then I divorce them. Life is short enough without having to put up with their crap. Sometimes I still get it wrong and sorta grin and bear it, but if you give me enough hassle I WILL divorce you as my client.

      This way I have many 'happy' clients and rarely if ever have any comebacks.
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    I agree with everyone here. It's up to you to be selective and not the other way around. This is, in my opinion, why many startups fail - they charge too little for their services and only attract the cheapskates that want to spend that little for whatever service you're offering. Don't get me wrong, there can be a place in the market for discount services, it's just not a place for a one man show.

    Think about it - would you rather have the clientele that shops only at garage sales and haggles about the price of a pair of shoes for 25 cents, or the kind of buyer that goes straight to you because they want the best and don't care about price?

    I'm going to admit something - I was like that when I started. I would quote $400 for a website and get pain in the ass customers. At the time I was also working a 9-5 and doing all this in my spare time. You want to know what allowed me to quit my job? Raising my prices by 5x across the board.

    These days I don't do a website for less than $2,000 and often it's more. This also allows me the luxury of choosing my clients and only having to take on 2-3 projects at a time.

    To answer your question about dreamweaver and accessing the HTML - start over. This is the course of action to take 99% of the time. Simply explain the benefits, time savings, and ease of use, and ease of optimization of Wordpress or Joomla or whatever and start over. It's literally a million times less annoying dealing with something you've made than shoehorning something that someone else threw together.

    Just say "the reason you're not ranking well right now is because of your current platform. Let's switch you over to Wordpress and then we'll be able to rank you more quickly - plus you'll love how much easier it is to use."
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    Its would be more better if you promote services that you have got experience in.

    I would prefer a service to offer which I am experienced in without considering whats hot
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    offline business is harder to do than online
    i'd failed on some offline businesses for last 2 years
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