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I have a meeting over the phone tomorrow with an owner of 2 Hardware stores. He contacted me through my website contact form, and is looking to get his website more viewable online, and wants to start a Facebook page.

He basically wants to get more customers using online and mobile...

Here is a snippit of his email:
I have been thinking about Facebook and getting my website more viewable on the internet, but I simply have not had the time. I realize that moblie media advertising is the way of the now and future. I attended an advertising meeting this week about moblie advertising and I figured that there was a company in KY that could provide the same service.

His website is really basic, and needs to be either re-designed or optimized better. It may be easier for a re-design.

From his email, it sounds like he is looking to get seo services, which could be google places for both mobile and desktop search, and some seo for his website, a facebook page, and do some mobile marketing.

Do any of you guys have experience with retail hardware stores? If so, what is your experience to get them more customers?

My plan is to create a few different packages on a basic getting started package, a mid package, and a high end package with everything.


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    On facebook he needs to give his audience a reason to like his page and since this is a hardware store

    Deals and coupons

    On the Mobile Leads for repeat customers
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    Do you recommend that I prepare a presentation? This is my first potential client.

    I have put together 3 packages that he could choose from.
    I am thinking of pricing individual services as well just in case he asks.

    Any tips on getting the client? My main goal is to ask him some questions to find out what his main issues are, and what we can do to fix those issues.

    Anybody have some questions they like to ask to get an idea of where to start with a client?

    Thanks guys. I appreciate any feedback.

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    Finding out a customer's needs is usually the best place to start. Don't go in trying to sell what you have in mind. Ask them what they have tried in the past and what has and hasn't worked. What their future goals are (e.g. build brand, expand into new niches, generate foot traffic, start an online store etc.) Then you need to be creative in figuring out how the services you offer will be a good fit. If you can meet their needs you will have a long term relationship, if you are meeting your needs then probably going to be looking for another client in the near future.
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    Yeah, localvseo is right. Don't go in with preconceived notions on what you're going to do for this potential client. Set the expectation early that the first meeting is to understand his business better. And be careful giving the client what they're asking for... use the interview to read between the lines. Then come up with a plan that achieves what he needs... what will support his goals in the long term.

    This will help position you as the expert... as a true consultant, not a work for hire employee. And you are the expert... if he could have done this himself, he would have already.


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    Yeah start off with a series of questions to elicit response from him about what the main problems in his business are. From there, you can tailor a solution for him (or 3 solutions like you said), and also incorporate facebook marketing into the mix also. Before you meet with them tomorrow, do some internet research about hardware stores and the troubles they have with marketing their business. This will give you a good idea of what they're going thru, and how to formulate a solution for their business.
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    Well, I talked to the owner, and I was really pleased with the outcome, although I didn't feel as prepared as I would have liked to have been.

    We boiled it down to him wanting to start with a Facebook Page set up, and maybe his website migrated over to my hosting server at hostgator to handle his website needs.

    So, I just sent over a couple of quotes, as well as 3 All-In-One Packages that he could go with if he wanted.

    He said that this is really what he wants to do since everything is going online and mobile.

    So, if everything works out like I hope, we will start with a Facebook Page and work our way up.

    Thanks for the support guys. I will keep everyone updated on what he decides to do.

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    These are the best sort of clients that approach, in my mind anyways.

    The one's that understand the need for the online presence, and where the market is going. It cut's out a lot of your having to explain why they need it!

    If I may ask, do you know where/how he found your site to contact you?

    Also, building some trust with him with the fanpage is great, show him "you know your stuff". I would definitely follow the other suggestions about the like for coupons.

    For hardware stores, I would think many of their customers are "DIY" type people. So maybe a DIY keyword, not sure. Also, maybe look into targeting product keywords with little competition and actual search volume? Not just "hardware store + city" .. maybe he sells riding lawnmowers at 2-3K a pop, if he sold one of those from your work, you become his savior!

    I just took this same idea I mentioned (product + model keyword), for 1 of my client's, and this product is a 10K on the low end (used) and 3 to 4 times that on the high end. The product + model had about 350 exact searches a month with virtually NO competition. I told him that we should target this word, he is very happy about that, as he was mainly concerned with very broad keywords that brought high volume of searches, but low returns. So, some other ideas to help you along, and help you to come off as the expert.
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    He found my site by doing a google search for my services. He had attended a seminar where a company was offering radio spots along with mobile marketing, but he wanted to keep his business here in his home state, and he didn't want to do radio ads.

    So, I am really excited to see what we can do to get him more business.

    I plan on giving him an insane amount of value so that he will see that I am serious about getting him more business.

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I appreciate it. I will start doing some kw research to see some of the things that I can rank him for.

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    I read your post it look like good views.
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      Originally Posted by thefaizan4it View Post

      I read your post it look like good views.

      Value added!
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