Email V's Snail Mail Case Study

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Helping our offline clients make the most money in the shortest possible time
for marketing efforts, should be our No1 aim.

However there seems to be a trend in pushing products and services that don't
give clients the highest possible return.

This is why I've posted this video of real numbers to show the difference
between methods for the same business.


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  • Profile picture of the author Jerry McGough
    Hi Ewen,
    Very nice.....
    Would have liked to see his mailing that he figured made all the "A" piles.
    I noticed his "A" pile included things that looked like invitations.
    I've thought about actual formal wedding type invitations with hand written addresses and no return address........which just got closer to a test on the front burner.

    Jerry McGough
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      Yeah, definitely would of been the icing on the cake
      if we got to see the mailer he sent out in the post!

      Today I phoned a local guru's office to snoop around to see
      if he had any more ads and mailers that he has the results for.

      To my surprise she put me on the phone to him.

      Next thing we were talking like long time buddies.

      He's got stacks of them, all with their costs and money bought in.

      He's offered them all to me...just gotta let him know what type
      of business and he'll pull it out and send it to me!

      So, what you could do is make contact with this guy and tell him how impressed you
      are with his work and wondered if it would be possible to see the mailer.

      This local guru gave me a free ticket to a seminar by an
      international guru coming to town next week.

      You never know where it will lead to.

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  • Profile picture of the author philboy uk
    That to me is how a sales video should be one, no hype, no pitching, just good solid information, delivered in a friendly manner.

    If I had a car show room, and wanted more clients, I would be on the phone to that guy.
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