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by ClaDax
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Hi there,

I have a client that works as a matchmaker and he would like to have a website, I said to him,

that instead of a normal website I could offer him a membership website, where the members sign
in and can see each others profile and write each others.

I would like to find a wordpress theme that does that job for him (he is a little bit older).

Could you suggest which theme would fit his needs?

(I found this one: Nova,and one that I heard good things about: Wishlist - This: describes the top 10 membership models of Wishlist, but which one could we use for a Membership Site, where

1. the Members can check their profiles

2. shows all profiles divided per gender in a featured part

3. and write each other per PM

4. and comment on forum posts (e.g. "Monthy Meeting - Where to meet up?")

I am sure this questions are asked from many WF-members but again...

...could you suggest which theme would fit his needs (matchmaking)?

Thank you for helping us both with your help.
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