My 1,000th Post: Tips For Everybody Trying to Make Money

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Yep. This is it. My 1,000th post. I've been wondering what to use this milestone for.

There's so much "advice" in the forum. I was on a phone interview yesterday and the interviewer pointed out how it seems that just about every newbie here seems totally lost. I agreed. The problem wasn't because newbies couldn't get info, though; actually, it's because there are TOO MANY options that people get confused.

So I want to share some tips that will apply to everybody. Let's stay out of the "should I call, or should I do email or direct mail?" debate, shall we? Just be aware:

* if you want to get clients quickly, you'll have to make calls, go to networking events, talk to people

* if you can afford to wait, and have some money to burn, email, direct mail and other inbound marketing campaigns should eventually bring you leads, and you might not have to talk to anybody.

Regardless of which way you choose to go, here's what applies to everybody:

It's not good enough to simply build a better mousetrap or jump into offering a product or service.

You must have a sales plan.

How are you going to generate leads, make sales and bring in revenue?

Sounds obvious? Look at the posts made every day in this subforum by people who are suddenly now a "web designer" or "SEO expert" or other techie and have made the startling realization that they have no idea how to find prospects and turn some into clients.

So whether you call or use a more passive method to generate your leads, you will need some kind of Lead Generation System.

Don't expect someone to give this to you for free.

If you need to learn how to call effectively, it's not going to be free.

If you need to learn how to set up an effective email campaign, it's not going to be free.

This expertise is valuable...lots of people want it...and not many people have figured out how to do these things well.

You may get pieces of the puzzle from your friendly neighborhood trainer or marketer or copywriter, but you will not get the full meal deal. Why should they give it to you? After all, they had to take the bumps and bruises and the hard knocks to figure it out or afford to buy it themselves.

But the important thing is that you know you need some kind of Lead Generation System.

The next piece of the puzzle, no matter what you're doing, is a Qualification System. How will you turn your leads into qualified which I mean, how will you learn whether they need and can afford what you offer? How will you determine whether they can work with you, or will be a terror of a client if you let them become one?

Following that, you will need a Closing System. Somehow, you're going to have to turn some prospects into clients.

These, then, are the three pieces of the Sales Plan puzzle:
  • Lead Generation System
  • Qualification System
  • Closing System.
Without these, each in place, understood and doing their job morning, noon and night, your business is doomed to failure or to remain an inconsistent hobby.

Whether you're using cold calls or an inbound marketing method does not matter. These three components must be built into your sales plan. When you learn how to call from a pro, you discover the way to generate leads, qualify prospects and close some into becoming clients. When you use inbound marketing methods, perhaps you have a lead generation video...followed by an opt-in page where your now-partially qualified prospect gives you their email...and then they receive an autoresponder sequence to qualify them the end of which is an offer to buy that is your closing system.

Make sense? Any questions on this?

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    Everyone should read this first before buying a bazillion wsos and not taking any action due to overloading hehe. great 1000th post
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    Solid gold here. Many people will go into business and forget the "Meditations" rule of What is it's nature?

    You just explained the nature of a business. Marcus Aurelius would be proud.
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    Great stuff here, Jason.

    The biggest challenge for newbies is knowing that they actually have to do work in order to get any kind of success. Everyone seems to be looking for the magic bullet or for some new great awesome way to get clients without doing anything or just sending out a couple emails.

    The fact of the matter is, if you work hard and want it bad enough it's VERY possible. There are NO magic bullets in this business at all. Yes, there are tricks to make your life easier or proven systems that work, but they all have one thing in common. They involve some level of work.

    At the end of the day in this business there is only one person accountable for your success and that person is YOU. Stop waiting for someone to hold your hand, or for some WSO to come out that once you read it ppl will automatically be calling you. It doesn't work like that and it never will. The successful ppl are successful because we work our TAIL off to get where we are today.

    One thing to keep in mind that will keep you going is that it is possible. No matter how hard it may seem it is very doable for just about anyone.

    Sorry for the rant just had to get that off my chest.

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    Great Post.

    As with anything, offline requires effort. Thankfully client acquisition is the hardest part and the rest is pretty easy.

    Tip: IF you want to get clients don't just cold call or send an email. Cold calling is noneffective unless you have a knack for it or have spent time training yourself(a long and ardous process if you are not comfortable with it). Think about other methods such as physical packages or free services.

    I especially recommend offering free services to build a network who'll rave about you. Once you have the credibility in your local area you'll get customers very easily. Nobody refuses free services and its a gift to them. People love gifts and it really endears them to you. Eventually they'll take your paid packages too.

    One business book I recommend for anyone getting into offline marketing is "Never Eat Alone". I cannot understate how essential this book was for me.
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  • Congrats....My friend

    Been watching that post count climb and thought the other day, "Hey, he's going to bust into the 4 digit zone!"

    Always been good content too.

    At this rate you will be at 3K by the end of this year!

    Keep up the good work and remember,"You're being watched!"

    ld Dog

    P.S. If I can be of any assistance in your "Off" or "On"- line sales and marketing please PM me or email at . Old Dog

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      You know if you go back 10 years in most cities you'd find multiple web designers most of whom were starting to make a very good living.

      Many business owners still weren't using email let alone searching the internet (many still don't) so the only way you were going to get hired was to talk to people.

      And you often met web designers at business networking meetings, toastmasters, charity groups, and any other groups and events that attracted a high percentage of business owners.

      The web designers who did really well in picking up clients were those who honed their skills talking to business owners.

      That hasn't changed much.

      If you want to charge premium prices the fastest way to get hired is to become really skilled at talking to business owners...and understanding that process...which is mainly asking questions and listening.

      The marketing strategies we use to help our clients will change and evolve over time.

      But at its core it's always about communication between one human being and another.

      And when you take the time to really understand and get to know the people you talk to you're going to have a whole lot better chance of turning them into a paying client...or a source of referrals...which is kind of overlooked in your list there.

      I know you probably would consider referrals another form of lead generation system which is true but referrals are so valuable I'd be inclined to add them to your list:

      4. Referral systems.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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    Hey Andrew.....thanks for sharing. Some very valuable tips.

    And I agree 100% that Referral systems should be a part of your list.

    It's a great feeling to prospect, pitch, and close a client...over deliver and have them refer you to 5 other friends of theirs...the momentum is amazing.
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    Great post. Very informative.

    One of the KEYS to success online is not only have a great plan or a great sales page but you also need to learn how to drive traffic to your offer or site. While one strategy works for one person when it comes to marketing, it may not work for another.
    Admin note: Affiliate links are not allowed in user signatures.

    Thank you.

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    Driving traffic to your site is a means of achieving #1, a Lead Generation System.

    Referrals are part of a Lead Generation System. Highly qualified leads that can be turned into great prospects immediately.
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    i've to admit that the root of IM business is knowing "copy-writing". anyway congratulations and keep sharing.
    PM me, If you want to do swap .THx
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    Jason you are senior?


    If you made it through 1,000 posts without getting booted:

    ................. "You might just be a Warrior!"
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  • Profile picture of the author AppsFromHome
    Even if you are an internet marketer, it is important to write your own business's an eye opening experience when you sit down and write everything on paper about your business, how you will be profitable in the long run, and what your long term goals are.

    And @John....I am aspiring to hit 1,000 posts without getting booted! Hahah
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    You are one of the successful forum poster and i have a wish to become like you.
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    Any thoughts on Biz to Biz telemarketing?
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    it seems to me that adopting a fearless attitude is essential here! Also a friend of mine suggested using the Chamber of Commerce business directory as a way to find leads, what is your experience with that?
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    Jason, I’m just finishing up the first 5 videos for the training here and I have to say: I’ve bought courses , E-books, Memberships and on and on and this was the best money I’ve spent in a long time! You are giving us skills and an ” inner game” that is transferable to any niche that we choose to go into. I’m sitting at my computer with a sense of calmness, confidence, and gratefulness! You’re definitely one of the best kept secrets online. Okay, I can keep going on and on, but I wont. Thanks so much, I’ll keep you posted on everything.
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    Lots of concentration on this or that technique lately.

    This is a reminder: there is no magic bullet.

    Concentrate on implementing these straightforward steps, taking action every day, and sticking with it. That's how you make money.
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    • Profile picture of the author Sue Bruce
      Congrats Jason,

      1000 is a lot of posts and a lot of work. Youre providing valuable info to warriors.

      You joined after me and I only have 100.

      Good luck with your training. We respect you for standing up to posts that are obviously from inexperienced warriors.

      We also respect you for not being a 'know it all, I have the experience, you dont, egotistical warrior.

      All the success,

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    Are u going to make a step by step WSO on this?
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    First of all Congratulations on Making it to 1000. and thank you for such a good insight. I agree with you that there's so much information or options that many people get confused.
    There are a million get rich quickly programs, most of them are pure waste of time and money.
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    Nice work on the post, really helpful, keep up the great work with the services you offer, must be gold.
    SMS Service Provider!

    My Most Profitable Business
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  • Profile picture of the author Jason Kanigan
    If you want to make money, this is the formula to follow.

    Don't hop from topic to topic...leadgen method to magic leadgen method...stick with it. I mean for 3 months or more. Most people give up too soon--just before they would have hit success.
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    Always good stuff Jason.....Congrats on providing 1000 great words of wisdom... You da man!!!
    Get the Free Training You Need to Become an Offline Marketing Expert. Learn how we make getting local clients easier and how to keep them longer.

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      As always, you've provided with some really good information. Thank you for all of your offline marketing tips!
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    Originally Posted by Jason Kanigan View Post

    Yep. This is it. My 1,000th post. I've been wondering what to use this milestone for.

    These, then, are the three pieces of the Sales Plan puzzle:
    • Lead Generation System
    • Qualification System
    • Closing System.
    Thank you for the write-up!

    Reminds me of my "meeting and attracting women" system haha

    It's actually the same thing! Amazing!
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    Thanks for posting the secrets to success! Congrats on the 1000th post.
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    Jason Kanigan is one of the best people on here! Awesome post, as usual.
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    I'm logged into my amazon for this but not seeing dl button? Gone already?
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        Originally Posted by Dave992 View Post

        And how to I qualify people when I'm cold walking?
        The exact same way you do with cold calling with 1 major added advantage. Body Language. If she is twirling her hair, she thinks your cute. If they are looking at their watch you are wasting their time. if they are looking everywhere but at you.. then you have lost their attention.

        Those are some of the basics anyways!
        Success is an ACT not an idea
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