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Hi all,

I thought I'd share one of the best ways I found to find warm prospects and land offline clients for my own Webdesign / SEO business.

I'm going to share exactly what I did. I usually led with Google Places optimization, so you'll have to tweak my email / video scripts to best suit your business.

Here's exactly what I did:

1) I chose a niche - I chose plumbers and electricians, but just about any niche with money will do.
2) I created a website JUST for online marketing for plumbers. This website talked about Google Places, SEO and Web Design.
3) I chose a city - ie: San Antonio, and then I visited the chamber of commerce website and Better Business Bureau listings as well as Google Places listings (not page one, of course) to gather website addresses and email addresses.
4) I used Jing to record a 5-minute video to explain the top Google Places listings and website listings for that city. Here's what I covered:

Google Places is the most important place to be found
Which listings looked good (good review count, full information, etc.)
Which listings looked bad (poor reviews or no reviews, unclaimed listing, etc.)

Keep in mind I only did videos for cities where there was little or no reviews on the first page, so I finished each video with the message that there was a lot of opportunity for another plumber to be on the first page and do much better than the other guys if only they were to get a handful of reviews and get their star ratings to show up. I stressed that this would be easy and then I explained that these stars grabbed the eye immediately and get instant credibility and everyone liked doing business with a reputable service provider.

I then finished by saying that I only worked with one plumber per city and to contact me if they had any questions.

5) I uploaded this video to YouTube and set the video to "unlisted." I also put a personal note below the video with my contact info. The personal note was something like this:

"Hello and welcome,

I invited you and several other plumbers in the San Antonio area to view my analysis of the top plumbers in the city.

To avoid any conflict of interest, I will only work with one of you.

I welcome any and all questions.

Contact me at ..."

6) I then looked at each website I had gathered and took a good look at their sites and Google Places pages. I also went to this site: List Your Business on Google Maps, Bing Maps & other major local search engines | to get a free (although basic) look at their online presence.

7) I took the time to compose a personalized and specific message to each of them and sent them an email with a link to the video as well as a screenshot of their Get Listed results. If the results from Get Listed were good, I said that they're doing well and shouldn't have much trouble beating their competition. If the results were poor, I said it would be easy to get them up to speed.

Out of 10-15 emails, I usually got 1 or 2 inquiries. Not all were sales, but after trying a few cities, I would usually land 1 or 2 clients.

I generally charged $250 for Google Places set up + some local citation creation, and if they wanted to do some monthly SEO as well, I normally charged $400-$500 per month for 3 months and then split that cost in 1/2 for maintenance afterward. I found clients much more receptive when they knew I wouldn't be charging the same after they were already on the first page.

Final thoughts:

If you're dealing with a niche where the business owner has off hours where they will not answer the phone, I would also leave a voicemail for them letting them know that I sent them an email with an "invitation" to view the video analysis of their competitors (and I would name them). With YouTube you can see the view count, too, so it's easy to evaluate how effective your phones calls / emails are.

If you have any questions, etc. please post them below and I will do my best to help.

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    Thank you for sharing. I like what you are doing and found it helpful. I may incorporate this into my marketing.
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    Hey Kung Fu Backlinks,

    I apreciated your guide. I am looking for a Google Places Mentor for me to help me with succeeding in my offline ventures.

    I don't know how I can make it worth your time, but I would really apreciate if you could mentor me with my google places offline ventures.

    I am very serious about this. I do this offline thing 24/7 if I dont sleep or eat.
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  • I'm glad you two liked the guide. I will polish it up a bit in the future, perhaps.

    If you try any of the tactics, please let me know how it works out for you.

    Sky, I'll PM you with my contact info and we can talk a bit.
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    Looks like a nice, personalized way to get some good business there with a great return on your small time investment.

    Thanks for sharing that!

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    Great tips and thanks for sharing with your fellow warriors here.

    You can also offer the GP set up for free if they sign up for a 6 month service. I always try to focus on getting more monthly clients paying me recurring fees instead of one off services. This way I dont need to chase down a new client every month like I did in the beginning of my Offline Marketing business.

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  • Thanks for the comments, guys. I appreciate it.

    Dan, I like that idea a lot. Actually, I purchased your Google love method a while back and took to it right away. I got a nice group of clients doing that and using Google Places as a foot in the door works well.

    I find so many businesses want it, yet have no clue how to do it. What's better... few offliners even bother with it. Not that I blame them... it can be a pain.
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      Hey Kung Fu, this sounds like an awesome method.

      Any chance of getting a link to one of your YouTube videos? That would be incredible.

      Unless you are saving it for a WSO.....

      Yes, by the way, I AM in the Witness Protection Program. I could tell you who I am but then I would have to kill you.

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  • Thanks,

    I've received a few requests for demonstrations. I'm completely swamped right now, but I will do my best to tackle that in the next week or so. I'm happy to put it together to help some folks out. Hopefully it will help people land some big deals.
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    I really like what you've shared here. This has definitely motivated me to get a little creative about approaching prospects regarding their Places listings based on what you're generously shared.

    Instead of sending a video, I will try to modify it by creating 3 email templates one of which I will send based upon the criteria below.

    One for those who haven't verified their listing. One for those who have verified but have no reviews. Lastly, one for those who have either claimed or unclaimed listings with poor reviews.

    Again, thanks for the great share.
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  • That's awesome, Mojo. Let me know if it works out.

    I originally chose video because it gave people a chance to either love or hate my personality from the start. I knew that those calling me were okay with my voice and personality, so in a way it further qualified my prospects LOL.
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    Very helpful...
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