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Hi Guys

I am working on a new project that will be bringing me in leads and of course customers on a daily basis and I am trying to think ahead and plan for a way that this will NOT get ahead of me and mismanage the process

any good recommendations or systems to track leads and customers

so when you get to 500 customers

your able to manage them properly in the sales funnel

then offer them more services in the future.. a good day to day system from people that are actually doing it.


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    So a CRM?

    IF you do not mind me asking what is your budget exactly? You can go get a CRM system that is $50 a month or just manage it with google docs. It really depends on your budget, if you want it self hosted or SAAS and what features are important to you.

    Just here to see the shenanigans.

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      what I am trying to research is a cloud based addplication that I can manage all leads and sales to keep contact with customers and such

      I will be launching a new project that will be bringing me leads and sales and I want to be able to handle alot of clients.. and keep organized

      so far salesforce looks pretty good but wanted to get some other offline warriors feedback and systems of what works for them

      if I get 5 new clients a day in a few months I will have alot and want to be able to keep in touch while offering more services


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    You already posted this question here:

    Don't make duplicate threads - if you'd like more input just bump your other thread back up.
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    • Originally Posted by somacorellc View Post

      You already posted this question here:

      Don't make duplicate threads - if you'd like more input just bump your other thread back up.
      Somacorellc, Awww, don't be such a meanie... the other thread only got one measly response, so I'm not surprised he tried again!

      BlueCoyoteMedia, go and take a look at I think it will provide exactly what you're looking for, and a good deal more. I'm not linked or affiliated to them; I just love the service myself.
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  • SugarCRM and vTiger can both be installed with the quick install with hostgator (and I'm sure others). We use vTiger and have used it for years without problems. There are things I'd like to change about it, but for $0 (self-hosted) it's tough to beat.
    Unlimited Mailing and Telemarketing Lists for $50/month!
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    Zoho CRM Rules its free to get started then once you grow you can start paying. Also you get a ton of others tools in ZOHO.
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