Help with my appointment making script?

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So my website-selling business has expanded to print services, where I also design printed and marketing materials for the customer. This happened when my first customer asked me to design her business cards and new restaurant menus.

I've hired secretaries to make my calls for me, and I spent a few hours on this script, which I know isn't perfect. I was hoping for some help and really do welcome any and all criticism, I want to get it as close to perfect as possible. The point of the script is to get people to want to make appointments to see me.

Hi, this is _____, I'm a secretary from Creative Solutions Design, can I speak to Mr./Mrs. _____ please?
(if no) Okay, well thank you so much for your time!
(if not available) Okay, is there a better time to call? (write down day and time) Wonderful, thank you so much!
(if yes) Thank you!

Hi, Mr./Mrs. _____, this is _____, I'm a secretary from Creative Solutions Design, is this a good time?
(if no) Okay, I'd like to call you back at another time that's better for you. (schedule day and time for call)
(if yes) Awesome, how are you today? (wait for response) Cool.

Well, we work with small business owners like you to help you build a brand for your business, everything from designing business cards to building websites. I'm sure I don't have to tell you how important websites and business cards are to promoting your business, right? (wait for response)

What's great about using us instead of chain printing centers is that we're a small business, too, and we completely understand that you want quality, professional products without having to pay huge professional prices. I mean, you want to get more business in the door without having to pay thousands of dollars to do it, right? (wait for response)

I'd love to know more about what you're looking for for your business, what products or services you think would help more people walk through your door. What is it that (business name) needs? (write down everything they list)

Okay, we can definitely achieve everything on your list. Is there a budget you're hoping to stay in for marketing for your business? (write down their budget)

Great, well we can definitely work with that. What I'd like to do is set up an appointment for our owner and designer, Elizabeth Cody, to meet with at your business and discuss your budget, your needs, and the design, do you have a pen and paper? (wait for them to get pen and paper) Okay, I have (day) at (time) or (day) at (time), which would be better for you?

(if yes to an appointment) Great, I have you down for (day) at (time) at (business name). Elizabeth will give you a
call the day before to remind you.
(if those times are no good) Okay, well how about (day) at (time) or (day) at (time)? (wait
for confirmation) Great, I have you down for (day) at (time) at (business name).
Elizabeth will give you a call the day before to remind you.

Alright Mr./Mrs. _____, it was fantastic talking to you, and we really look forward to working with you. Have a great day, and Elizabeth will see you on (day) at (time).

I know it needs more work before I have them start making calls next week, so any input would be really, really appreciated.
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    Don't have them say they're a secretary. That's like saying:

    "We value our time too much to get knowledgeable people to call you, we just hire a secretary because we're too busy doing other things. However, you should want to speak to us even though we get our lowest-paid employees to do our calling for us."

    That's how it comes across.

    Also do not say "we can do everything on your list." That reeks of insincerity.

    Also are your hired callers trained? What if the prospect asks questions, or goes off course?

    Also, if Elizabeth is too busy to make the calls herself, why the hell is she making the followup call to confirm the appt? That's like the definition of what a secretary does. At least be consistent.
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    Maybe not what you want to hear but screw calling to set appointments for printing services.
    The bulk of these biz owners have no idea what they need other than when they need it, if that makes any sense.
    If your goal is to just meet people who may want to do business with you in the future walk in to businesses and introduce yourself and drop off a flyer that has a super special offer.
    Personally I would make a cool flyer with a list of about 5 or so commonly ordered items like biz cards, flyers signs etc. Then I would offer a new customer special where they can order any one item for a STUPID low price, make it such a good deal that they would feel at a loss if they didnt take you up on it.

    Then you can build up a list and continue marketing to them. Need ideas on what to say in future emails to them, then get on vistaprint or overnight prints mailing list and see how they do it.

    Or you can do the same thing over the telephone. Hi this is Fast Eddie from Make Money Printers. We want to introduce our services and are giving new customers a chance to get one of our popular services
    at a ridiculous low price, Im going to email the list over to you and you all pick one of the offers and I will call you back this afternoon, tomorrow for your selection.

    Then call them back and get the info. Even if they dont get something then you have their email address to send future offer to and they gave you permission to email them. Just make sure you follow the laws and make the opt out clear.
    Promise Big.
    Deliver Bigger.
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    Thanks! I'll definitely make those changes you both suggested, I agree that it sounds awkward.

    Question though: I see a lot of people on here who hire telemarketers to make those appointments for them. Is it that they have a script that makes the person on the phone appear to be a decision maker? I'm having a hard time wording it, and eventually I do want to make them phone salesmen with me just doing the design work and submitting proofs to clients.
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