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This particular piece of information is straight from the last issue of Manta's NL. I found it very interesting.


Research has shown that when sales people used the word "meeting," they were 30% more effective in securing time with their prospects. Doctors, lawyers and dentists set appointments with their clients, and that usually involves the client parting ways with a sizeable chunk of money and receiving some amount of pain in return. As sales people, we solve problems. We want to sit down with our clients and consult with them on solutions. When you call your prospect, don't ask for the appointment; go for the meeting.


I am guilty of asking for appointments and it either works or doesn't and hasn't seemed to be the driving wheel for me not getting the business. But, they say they have honest to God research saying the word meeting will most likely be 30% more effective. Since I do a humongous amount of calling and if they are right, 30% of 100 means 30 more clients out of the same calling base. Again, if this is true, the numbers should be astronomical.

I'd like to hear your thoughts given we can all use a jolt of improvement. I mean if it works, the potential is staggering.


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    No, it doesn't directly translate into more meetings = more sales.

    More meetings = more opportunities for sales.

    But if your qualifying sucks, and you're scheduling meetings with people who aren't a good fit for you and what you offer, you will continue to get lousy results.

    30% more bad meetings is still bad.
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    The answer is yes you should set more meetings. As for percentage increase its hard to say, the rest of the pitch and its content will change that percentage.
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    Agree with Mike, Kanj and Tom.... Especially Tom saying "It doesnt matter either way. they will or they wont...". Being like Tom having done tons of calling; "nowadays" thats also the way I tend to call, but we may be taking for granted our communication skill sets and experience...

    I know for an average person starting telemarketing one word can make all the difference in their pitch and/or improve the results of an ENTIRE room measurably within minutes (which is probably how they got their stats from a call center).

    In a call center you are working with little talent usually and alot of average people whio can only follow instructions, so TALENT isnt your strength- its the wording of the pitch and the disciplin of simply keeping people dialing and saying it verbatim so you can get an average.

    I remember being a young TM when I realized that my conversion increased by up to 50% at the close when I started messing with my closing pitch wording.

    for instance ....

    Visa , master card.... Will you be paying by credit card today?


    Which one of those is going to work best for you Bob?

    Now add "today" to the last sentence "Which of those is going to work best for you today Bob?"

    Or get bold, "Which of those will you be USING today Bob?"

    Distinctly remember a week of being excited about those epiphanies, all of which showed almost inmmediate measurable, quantifiable results.

    It meant we actually had some power and control. We could BEND the law of numbers to our good by adding just a word here or there.
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      Originally Posted by John Durham View Post

      Distinctly remember a week of being excited about those epiphanies,
      20 some odd years later, and that stuff still gets me jazzed.

      @ Tom,

      I just realized i told you i would do something, and i did not do it.
      I apologize, no excuses, i got busy and simply forgot.

      I bow my head in shame. I feel bad for leaving you hanging.

      Hopefully i will have the chance to make it up to you sometime.

      Selling Ain't for Sissies!
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    I also found using the term "Sales Person" to describe your self can close a lot of doors. I am a Marketing Consultant for Small to Medium Size Businesses. Also just being a guy that knows the internet having a friendly conversation works very well also. Go to where business people hang out when not in the office works wonders.
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