How do we compete with this?

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I was looking at some sites and came across this. Many of the dentists in NY have this service. How do we compete with them?

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    Dont. Compete with yourself.

    Ignore them. Thats the solid answer. They will not affect your daily sales if you are not focused on them.

    Doesnt matter how they affect the "market"...Dont let them affect "You", and you will still get your share.

    People still sell cheap static websites every day despite guys like this.
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    There is something like this in the niche I am targeting... you know what? They suck, and most of the people who have the service like this are unhappy...

    But, they didn't know that there was an alternative.. and I know I can do better... but that's beside the point really.... My point... is that it doesn't matter.... do what John says... change the way you're looking at it.... just because they exist doesn't mean you can't.
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    The question is, is why does his site look like garbage compared to the sites on his showcase?

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    I think the above have summed this up quite eloquently.

    Bottom line, be aware of who you consider to be your competitors, but you should totally focus on how you can add value to your customers business.

    For as long as you add value, for rates your clients perceive to be value for money, you will continue to build your own brand.
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    The dude has only helped "hundreds"? Sounds to me like he doesn't exactly have the niche wrapped up....There are ALWAYS openings in ANY niche, regardless. Just depends how much you want it.
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