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Been in contact with a guy who owns a building firm for a while, his website is made with a free website builder and looks terrible.

Anyway, I gave him a quote via email (which he asked for), there was no reply so I gave him a call. He said he still has to think about it.

I'm gonna call him again on Monday, but how do I go about closing this guy?

Any tips are appreciated.

Many thanks,

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    Assuming you've already provided him with all of the information about your services, and shown him the value of having a quality website, the best thing you can do is be patient. Give him a couple weeks, then give him another call. You don't want to overdue communication and annoy your prospect.
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    Why couldn't you quote him when you presented?
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    I don't know who said this, but somebody on WF had a great line that maybe you want to deliver. I'll try to incorporate it with just a little script of what I think would be a nice concept for you to say when giving a call back.

    "Hey John - It's just ____ giving you a call back in regards to revamping your website. I was taking another look @ your website last night, and there are a few things bothering me about it. Now John, I'm confident that you run a fantastic, professional business - do you feel as though the current state of your website reflects your business as a whole?"

    He might not understand why it's important for his website to be up to date. Before you even get into marketing and SEO and all of the stuff that will overly complicate the client, validate the fact that his website is being a detriment to his business. Make sure he knows that the state of his website is not up to par and that he could be losing money from it. Give it a try.

    Best of luck.
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      Phone tag and email tag are an unnecessary evil. If he trusts you and believes that he should have a new site, he's probably shopping around for prices.

      How can you avoid this chasing clients game? What can you do next time to try and avoid "the chase"?

      I would never give a quote via email. In person, first choice or on the phone, second choice.

      In order to close him you need to be able to beat the competition he's probably shopping around, not by price but by value. Your offer has to be the one with the most "bang for his buck".

      Figure this out and he's sold.

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    Originally Posted by tim_reeves View Post

    Been in contact with a guy who owns a building firm for a while, his website is made with a free website builder and looks terrible.

    Anyway, I gave him a quote via email (which he asked for), there was no reply so I gave him a call. He said he still has to think about it.

    I'm gonna call him again on Monday, but how do I go about closing this guy?

    Any tips are appreciated.

    Many thanks,

    It's more than likely you won't close this deal. I mean.. he may give you a call back on one random Thursday, but I wouldn't bank on it.

    In selling you should never appear desperate. Once you do, it's over.. It will come across as if you need that sale much more than he need's your service -- Not the way to go.

    I wouldn't call this guy back. he said "hes thinking over it" which invariably is a sign of a 'lack of interest' or 'lack of an actual need'. But who cares anyway.. I'm sure he isn't the only person in the world with an out-dated website?

    So go ahead and generate some new leads.. Never spend valuable time trying to close one sale when you can already tell that a prospect isn't willing to bite.
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  • tim_reeves

    Take an hour or two of your time, go to his site, copy some of the main text if any, get some related images, create a bad ass mok up of what his brand new front page will look like, one that makes even you drool.... send him the image, and let him drool.... if you don't close the sale, then at least you tried.
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    Put up a web site. Rank it for his key words (niche + city). Then when he finally gets back to you tell him the price has doubled.

    If he never calls back, sell the site or leads to his competitor.
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    This guy already sounds like a nightmare. If he was ready he would have already done his homework on pricing an such. So if he does not call back dont sweat it move on. I think you be thanking yourself down the road!
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    Maybe you shouldn't (close).

    Not everyone you talk to should become a client.

    Many should qualify out. What he's doing is typical as the prospect's half of the traditional Buyer-Seller game:

    * Hold out carrot
    * Get free education
    * Stall for time
    * Shop around
    * Hide.

    You didn't get enough urgent emotional need on the table for what you offer--the WHY isn't big enough for your prospect.
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      At the moment I am assuming that you are doing just a visual revamp of the website?

      If that is the case, then why should a business owner folk out cash to "pretty up" his website?

      Unless you can show him how this cost will convert to more customers for HIM, you may loose. Although some business owners will want a redesign purely because that's what they want, to others it is just an expense with no return.

      Assuming you have given him reasons on how this will be beneficial to him I would give him another call.

      Ask him if he has read through your email.
      HIM: NO
      YOU: " My inbox is overflowing too! "ok bob, so if we could change ABC to help you XYZ, is that relevant or important to you right now?"

      NO - He does not see it as relevant - you need to go back to the beginning showing him how you will make it better etc. If he still does not see the value, he is a tyre kicker. Call him back in 3-6 months. Things might be different.

      YES - " Ok so if it is something you can see as a need for you now, what do you need help with, is there somthing you're unsure of?"

      Listen to him.

      Try to get to the bottom of why he is not buying.

      And my moral point. Don't try to sell someone that does not need your product.
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    I know this does not help your imediate situation but what you should be doing is what Gary Halbert encouraged relentlessly... sending dollar bill letters to open the sale and then calling a few days after, the letter is sent and say

    "im calling to see if you received my letter the one with the dollar attached to'

    oh yess i go it

    "great you can never be to sure about sending money through the mail... did you get a chance to read it"

    of course you need to have a good letter... and if your charging a fair amount for you service this should be worth the time and cost to aquire
    pre sold clients that want what you have when you speak to them on the

    also you should get a course on selling...i suggest Brian Tracey his courses are awsome and you can get them for a faily cheap if you search around
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