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Does anybody know of a plugin or script to send a list of numbers I dont need short codes long codes or anything like that just straight forward send sms to a group of users in a text file ,they can text back are ring back .just simple stuff

Ive most of the plungins and open vbx ,but I cant get them to do just the basic stuff.

#sms #twilio
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    The reason it's so hard to do this "simple stuff" is because what you are trying to do can be considered spamming. It's very important to know where and how these phone numbers were collected, how long ago, and what type of promises were made to these people (ie frequency and nature of communication). Sending out unsolicited messages may end up being a very costly mistake (as some businesses have already found out).

    If your list is legit, I know WreckingBallSMS by Dave Iago (he's here on WF) has list import function. It's twilio based and is currently offered on a very affordable monthly pay plan.

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    also JimMartin is a member here who has a good instructional videos on making apps with twilio. do a search ...think it is onlineclassroom or something like that ..

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    I'm confused. If you don't need a short code or long code, then where do you think these messages are going to come from?

    When sending an SMS no matter if it's to 1 person or a list...you need some sort of number attached or else you won't be able to send the message.
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    If you have Openvbx, its very simple to send out a text to a list. Use the subscription plugin by chad Smith. best if you have people subscribe properly, but you can also upload a list of numbers to send to you if you want.
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  • Check out Twilios documentation list I'm sure its possible.
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