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I've been trying to keep my costs down as I'm starting up so I'll have more funds available for ads, etc.

While at some point I will absolutely get another phone line when I have the profit to do so, what do you guys think about Google Voice?

Do you feel its unprofessional to use it? Should I just use my personal cell phone #?

Should I just bite the bullet and get a go phone?

I kind of feel that Google voice makes me look cheap if I use it.

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    I don't think it's unprofessional. I use one... or actually two different ones for different business I operate.

    One nice feature: Google Voice sends a transcription of voice mails via email. Often the transcription is accurate enough that listening to the message isn't required.
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    Is there anyway to get around Google asking for your name and then pausing to connect you?
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    I use it as well.

    Just because I don't want my phone number plastered all over online.

    The draw back is the Google Voice part. So, I am going to switch probably to a Twillio number.
    When someone calls it says "Please state your name" then something like "Please hold while Google Voice trys to connect you."

    That is the part I don't like and the only reason, I will be switching. I have the messages transcribed and sent via text and email. That's nice. I get a text with the breakdown of the voicemail.

    So, its up to you. If I had to do it all over again, I would just setup a Twillio number from the start. It's going to be a pain to change it now. I can understand wanting to keep your costs down, but its kinda irrelevant.

    Twillio charges $1 a month for the number and up to $0.02 cents a min. $0.01 for inbound and $$0.02 for outbound. So, talking for an hour at most will cost you $1.20. Spending 40 hours on the phone will be under $50. You should be closing deals if you are on the phone for 40 hours.
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      Originally Posted by vndnbrgj View Post

      When someone calls it says "Please state your name" then something like "Please hold while Google Voice trys to connect you."
      This is optional - you can remove this feature so that it rings directly to your phone without the caller knowing it is a Google Voice number.
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    Ah, thanks for the advice. No, I haven't made any sales yet, so switching will be easy. What you described is why I don't like Google Voice as well. I will look into Twilio.
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    You can turn that message off from google voice. I don't remember exactly where to do it, but you can turn it off.

    I use google voice for one phone number that forwards to my cell phone, but I use twilio for most phone number I have since it's easier to get as many numbers as you want.
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    I did not know that! I'll look into it.
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    Removing call screening

    If you'd like to answer calls to your Google number without pressing any numbers, simply disable call screening in your Google Voice settings. Here's how:
    1. Click the gear icon at the top right of any Google Voice page, click the Voice settings link, and select the Calls tab.
    2. Select the 'Off' radio button option in the Call Screening section.
    3. Click Save Changes.
    With call screening turned off, the first phone that picks up will get the call if you have several forwarding phones.
    If a voicemail system picks up the call, any message left by the caller will not appear in your Google Voice inbox, and instead appear on the voicemail system that picked up the call (i.e. your home answering machine, your work voicemail system, etc.). You can turn off call screening on a per contact basis in your Contacts list.
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    Google Voice is so flexible, and it's free. I've always had great call quality and never any problems with dropped calls. You can pick your number, send text messages, get voicemail transcripts... You really can't beat it for the price. If you're on the fence, I recommend giving it a try
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    Haven't looked at the GVoice settings for a long time, but only use it for a message phone, and it works just like leaving a message on a cell phone. For how I use it, works awesome.
    Darrel Hawes - Blog
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    My company uses 1 GVoice line for sales only. It may sound strange but it actually has been very helpful in keeping all other inquiries separate from sales. As others have stated above, you can disable the "please wait..." option.
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