When Is Enough Enough?

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Hi there

I need a little advice from some you good people.

I am trying desperately to get my offline business up and running. I have everything in place and know exactly what I am talking about. I have great web designer and I can easily show people how to market their business and website.

The problem I have is the local market where I live just does not get it!! Their ideas of marketing is to put an ad in the local paper or a poster around town.

I am trying to specialize in restaurants, bars and small hotels as there are so many here. Some of the business too have great reviews too on Trip Advisor.

Every time I visit a business I feel like I am banging my head on a wall.

I think I need to look further a field but I do not know how to market my services say in the UK (where I am originally from)

Please any advice would be grateful from someone who is going slightly insane due to having to deal with people without any foresight!!


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    I don't get why you claim that you know how to easily show people how to market their website AND you also have a free internet marketing course but you still need help.

    Cheers, Laurence. Read my Warriors for Hire ad.
    Writer/Editor/Proofreader. Place orders.

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    dont give up reevaluate what you are doing and see if you need to tweak any aspect

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      If you know you can provide great value, why not work with one client at a discount, for free, or paid for results. Use this to get referrals and testimonials. The market you are targeting is so closely related that I am sure that the business owners know each other and would be happy to give your name to their peers.

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    How do you know they "don't get it"?

    Do you know how well the newspaper ads convert? Do you know the ROI of those posters around town?

    If you go into this thinking your way is better you will be hard pressed to get clients. Internet Marketing isn't better in a lot of cases but it is part of an overall marketing plan. You can show them how your marketing solutions can help the overall branding of the business and bring them more clients.

    How can you solve their problems with your solutions?
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    I believe, you, as a marketer, must do your homework.
    What are the reasons that they are not buying? Have you asked?
    Perhaps: "What will it take to get the ball rolling, today?"
    You Will learn a lot from that one question... because they will tell you what, as judged by your presentation, though you may not like it.

    Where does the presentation take a wrong turn? Are you presenting appropriate numbers that reflect benefits? Often I see marketers concentrating on "Features" instead of "benefits". No one cares what the features are. No one cares that your program can sing the Star Spangled Banner. No one cares how easy you can make things.

    "How does making things easier help the potential client?" It frees time for other tasks, I would hope.

    "How will a website help a business?" It will bring in more customers and increase revenue by XX %, hopefully.

    "Why should they choose you instead of going in house?" Fill in the blanks...

    Benefits, benefits, benefits.... then features.

    My suggestion is to concentrate on your sales presentation and find where things are going wrong. And don't make it a difficult, crafty question... just ask

    Good luck!


    The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will. – Vince Lambardi

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    Just don't give up on yourself. You will eventually get the break you're looking for.
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