Oh My Lord! Just Got Contacted By A Major Show On CBS!! (through youtube =])

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This is crazy. I can't believe this is happening.

My brother just called me and had something extremely interesting to say. My jaw is still on the floor tbpo.

He just got off the phone with a producer from the show "The Doctors" that airs on CBS. This woman found a youtube video I made and ranked on youtube a few months ago.

She interviewed my brother for an hour, asked him like 40 questions. Then said they are doing a show the second week of January dedicated to mold and hurricane sandy. This show would air on CBS.

Its not guaranteed yet, but just the fact that one of my videos, would trigger a major show like this to contact us... is unbelievable. I actually had 3 videos ranked for the one keyword she searched (my brother asked lol). Not only that, but she complimented us on sounding like a credible source of information. And don't get me wrong. We are, but there are definitely people who know a lot more about mold than we do. Perhaps their marketing doesn't convey that however.

Long story short, she said she's going to call us back within the next week, and we'll find out whether we're going to be on the show.

Honestly, I'm trying to resist getting excited over this. But if we get on CBS... OMG. Talk about exposure and credibility... talk about traffic.

Just wanted to thank WF, all the copywriters on this forum, and all the tech nerds who helped me rank my own videos (no offense, I'm a nerd myself). If I do get on CBS, I may have to release a WSO on this, I'm not going to bs. Even if it doesn't happen, this still made my christmas. It shows me how far I've came. How much I've learned from all the great vets on this forum. And how thankful I am for a simple phone call, regardless of where it takes us.


Sincerely - Red

ps. If we do get accepted on the show, I will have a TON of questions for the forum. Since I've never been through something like this, and have no idea how to prepare for it.
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  • Good job, have fun with it.
    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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    fingers crossed
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      First well done man!

      You are very deserving of the publicity.

      Tell me, are they deciding to use the existing call they did with your brother,
      or possibly get him to do another call where he gets on the show?

      I can help a bit if he gets to do another call which gets aired.

      I know a trainer who gets people saying the right things
      and feel comfortable doing it.

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    Thanks guys!

    This is what my brother told me Ewen. The producer called him and asked if he'd be willing to participate in a show about mold and hurricane sandy on NBC. Then he asked "what show" and she said "The Doctors". After that she asked if it would be ok to interview him over the phone, which he agreed, and the interview took a solid hour to do.

    On top of answering the questions, he said he'd go off into occassional tangents about the fact that many companies were price gouging and charging 3xs their normal rate after the hurricane. He also said he has contracts to prove our company actually lowered their rates after the hurricane.

    But since the show was more about the medical aspects of mold, they talked more about mold strains, symptoms of mold exposure and lots of scientific stuff.

    At the end of the call she thanked him then basically said she'd call back within the next week. I asked him "what does that mean?" and he said she was going to let us know if they wanted us in the show or not. So I can't honestly tell you how this will pan out or if they're going to do a second interview. I'm watching some episodes of the show now to see how things are directed, and whether its a bunch of doctors talking, or whether or not its more of a documentary type show.

    To me it looks like they have people on the show, then interview them in a controversial way. I would personally love to see my brother on this show, because he is a great salesmen. Much better than me. Not to mention he's been in the industry for a decade longer than I have. So I doubt theres anything they can throw at him that will catch him off guard. I know they will try, but they will find themselves looking stupid if they do. Thats just my personal belief.

    Either way, I'd still like to get him overprepared. If he does go on the show, I don't want him answering 1 question wrong.

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    Regardless of how it all pans out, congratulations. It shows you're on the right track and doing something right!
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    That's awesome Red!!!

    I don't know anything about TV stuff but one my members, Diana, was called by CNN (or something like that) to do a special on business card design. She was interviewed for like 6 hours or something, but the actual TV time ended up being like 20 seconds.

    Whatever happens, it would be so perfect to put "as seen on NBC" type stuff all over your literature and site.
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      Congratulations. I don't want to be the crepe hanger in the room but here is our experience with the show "Biggest Loser". That's the show where they take fat people and reduce them to almost skinny people.

      One of the VP's in one of our insurace carriers was interviewed for the show about four times and part of the process was sending in pictures. My son was the photographer btw. We not only took the pictures but we worked with him on presentation and how to answer questions.

      To make a long story short, he wasn't selected. They picked someone else. All of these shows have selection criteria with the telephone interview as the number one step. I am NOT saying don't be prepared. I am saying they may pass. That is their prerogative but at least it was a fun ride.

      Personally, I am rooting for you.

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    This is a good lesson. Show producers are just like us, when they need info they google it. If you're first up and best dressed you can get some calls.

    A couple years back I was getting calls from show producers to do light consulting and advice on shows. I wondered why and asked one of them. She said I came up first when she googled 'dog training expert'.

    Upon reading your post it reminded me to look and I see I'm now at #1 on page 2 for the keyword. Perhaps I'll put some time into raising that back up. I'm sure, though, that given the expertise if you can look to rank for keywords that producers will be looking for you can get some big press.
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    Dude, she wouldnt have talked to your brother for an hour if she didnt mean business! Thats awesome!


    lol. Its cool to see you giving such great props to your brother too. I have a brother like that... he thinks I hung the moon, and doesnt realize he is a better salesman than I am! You're a good brother Red, and a pretty good salesman too- I buy you!

    Originally Posted by TyBrown View Post

    This is a good lesson. Show producers are just like us, when they need info they google it. If you're first up and best dressed you can get some calls.
    Just goes to show that the entertainment industry isnt trying to hide behind locked doors from all the phenomenal talent...they just dont SEE much of that caliber...when they do though its bread and butter time...also shows what a great job Red and his Brother did. Must be pretty high caliber.
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    Wow!!! Congratulations man! Very impressive and extremely inspirational to us all!
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      To me it looks like they have people on the show, then interview them in a controversial way.
      I'd still like to get him overprepared. I
      I've only seen a couple episodes of that show - but it's not a controversial or in-your-face show in any way that I've seen.

      I'd expect them to focus on usefulness/benefits/availability of the product - not on hype or a hard sell. Best preparation would be to watch the show on TV or on the website to get a feel for what products they present and how they represent them.

      Good luck.

      Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog
      Your comfort zone is where your dreams go to die.
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    take me on as your partner lol

    TV Cred is always amazing to have in your career!
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    Awesome. Let us know how this goes.
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    I watch The Doctors every once in awhile if there's nothing else on, not a bad show at all - super informative. Keep us posted. I'd tune in.
    "Be the hero of your own movie."
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    We got an email message today!

    That was really quick. Its still not a confirmation but they're definitely trying to build rapport now.

    The woman said due to the tragedy in Connecticut production of the mold show is being delayed 2 weeks. HOWEVER, she said "we really look forward to working with your company". She also said her crew would like to come out with us on a job, to see how we identify and test for mold.

    So I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds like they are more interested than less interested at this point.

    Getting really excited here guys!

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      Go ahead and get excited Red!

      I'm excited for you & your brother.

      No matter what, this happened regardless of where it goes from here so go ahead and get excited. It'll only help to add some extra positive emotions to the mix while you wait for the outcome.
      Be easy.

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    Wow, great news! I am really, really happy for you! I enjoy to see people happy and I am glad for every marketer who succeed. I believe in karma and the power of positive thinking . I would really love you to get on NBC and I am keeping my fingers crossed

    “You can automate everything except content and relationships.”

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    Congrats. That's a huge credibility boost. You are definitely doing the right things. Just keep it going.
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    Everything was confirmed today! =]

    NBC is flying out to our location Jan 9th and we're starting the taping then!
    We had to clear everything with the client who's home we're going into (its infested with mold), and they are ok with being on tv. Plus we gave them a massive discount on the work too.

    I got to admit I am nervous as hell right now. Never been on tv before but I'll keep you guys updated!!!

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      Originally Posted by RedShifted View Post

      I got to admit I am nervous as hell right now. Never been on tv before but I'll keep you guys updated!!!

      Red - this is most excellent. Congratulations.

      Please pay attention to what Joe and Marvin just told you.

      We don't really know each other outside of replies back and forth on the forum... but you've got a rapidly closing window of unique opportunity here.

      If you need help, fast - get in touch.


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    If you have a list, make sure you merchandise this NOW. Send out a press release announcing you're to be interviewed. And then AFTER you do an interview, send a release elaborating on talking points you made in the interview that may not get run.

    The credibility is fantastic, congratulations. Just make sure you do NOT WAIT on NBC to garner your credibility.

    The fact you have been contacted is (somewhat) news in itself. When they do the interview, that most CERTAINTLY is newsworthy and tell your own story, much like you've done here.

    MERCHANDISE this. Start brainstorming on how you can do so, including with your Offline Network.

    Report back to us here mate!
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    Congratulations, this is spectacular. I haven't been on tv, but I have been interviewed for stories on my area of expertise by a number of major newspapers, including the New York Times. I can attest that it is a major credibility boost, and something that will pay dividends for years to come.

    One piece of advice... relax and enjoy it. If you try too hard to be impressive, you will come off as inauthentic. They are coming to you because you are the expert and they want to learn from you. Be yourself and do what you do.

    Good luck!
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    Your 5 minutes of fame

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  • I would make plans now to leverage this as much as possible. Become the "goto" media resource for treating home mold:

    --register as a topic resource at Help A Reporter Out.
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    --publish a consumer guide book on what people should do when they have mold.

    --get radio interviews to promote the book.
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    --get on free radio guest lists and databases.
    e.g., How to Find Radio Guests, Talk Show and Podcast Interview Guest Experts - Free! - Radio Guest List.com - How to Get Radio Interviews, Talk Show Expert Publicity and Podcast Guests!
    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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    A friend of the family started a website promoting the concept of cookie parties. She also got invited for a TV interview. While the publicity was wonderful, her website crashed when the program went live as well as each time the link was rebroadcast.

    So something you might want to keep in mind is to make sure you have enough bandwidth to handle the probable surge in visitors.

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    Congrats! Let us know how the filming goes. Great advice from Joe Ditzel above as well. Definitely at least send out a press release.

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    Congrats Red! Well done! Stories like yours on this goes onto reconfirm and affirm our faith in the good work we put and inspire us to work harder..thanks for that!

    "Be water, my friend" - Bruce Lee

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  • Good Job man, hope everything works out for you.
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    Good job. I wish you all the best. 2013 is your year.
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  • Just thought of another one. This is a well-known resource in radio. Get on this list and you will get calls from radio stations.

    RTIR: Radio-TV Inteview Report
    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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    Rob - Congrats! Hope to see you on my TV soon!

    Another resource you may be able to take advantage of is helpareporter.com

    You may have many opportunities there as well.
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    Today was the big day!

    Taping finished a few hours ago and I will be busy all weekend editing videos and making new marketing content.

    I have to make a huge correction too in regards to my original post. "The Doctors" is NOT an NBC show, its a CBS show. For some reason I didn't realize that till last minute.

    This is a short video of the begining of the episode with my brother. I will be in the episode too later on but I was the only one taping aside from the camera man. I got signaled by the director and had to put the camera down to put on my tvyek suit.

    The show airs officially on Jan 23, 9am Eastern time!

    I have more content I'll upload but I wanted to get something up quick so people can see that it happened. There are a lot of scenes where the camera man is talking and out of respect for CBS I want to edit those parts out before I upload anymore content (ps this segment is really short but I'll get more up asap).

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    • Originally Posted by RedShifted View Post

      I have to make a huge correction too in regards to my original post. "The Doctors" is NOT an NBC show, its a CBS show. For some reason I didn't realize that till last minute.
      Good job, Red. Just to clarify--The Doctors is a syndicated show so in each US or Canadian market it might appear on a different affiliate station (CBS, NBC, ABC, etc).

      Local Listings

      I'm not sure if it runs internationally. Here is more info.
      Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
      - Jack Trout
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        Congrats on your success, I think it's great when people come back and show us the success that they are having -

        Nothing more motivational than that.
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          Great story.

          The same kinds of things have happened to me several
          times from online press releases and other things.

          Journalists etc working in media these days simply don't
          have the time for extensive research so they're often
          doing just what we do...google searches...and finding
          what they want quickly.

          The potential these days for smart marketers getting
          free publicity...for yourself or your clients...is huge.

          Kindest regards,
          Andrew Cavanagh
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    Congratulations on a great job. Give them your best shot.

    You mentioned it was through youtube, wow, you tube has really done such a great help to everyone.
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