How To Create A Sales Breakthrough

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Say we wanted to sell more vacuum cleaners and we've run out of features and benefits to build a stronger case.

And other dealers have the same make and models.

Now you become too easy to compare
and price becomes the default buying criteria.

There is a way around this.

The answer lies in research, data and the manipulation of it.

Look outside the vacuum cleaners and look at carpets and what's in them.

What creepy crawly bugs lurk in dust and carpets?

Dust mites!

Now go deep into what they look like, how quickly they breed, health risks they pose
and all the scary stuff that will have women cringe.

Now for your presentation.

I haven't done the research beyond knowing dust mites exist.

But if the data showed this then I'd say something like...

"Did you know there are 5 common varieties of dust mites
that live in the carpets in peoples homes? They breed every 6 months and
hatch on average 350 eggs each time. Not only that, research shows dust mites may be the cause of repository problems in children the elderly and weak.

There are chemicals to kill them,
but they may pose health risks.

Because they have the strongest grip per weight of all bugs,
they are extremely hard to suck up with a vacuum cleaner.

See this machine here, this will suck up all of these creepy bugs."

Bringing up a new threat creates a urgent shift in buying criteria.

Throw in some implications and inferior alternative ways to get rid of the
threat, then your case becomes the only choice.

It's important that the research data shows problems that are most likely happening now, not emerging otherwise it becomes too easy to put off the decision to buy now.

BTW for vacuum cleaners, having a giant blown up picture of the bug will grab attention.

I know this is an advanced method, rarely used, and not known about.

The thing is most marketers are lazy thinkers and resort to price discounting.

However for the marketer who is beyond being ordinary then digging in
and finding problems and their implications to their audience can create a breakthrough.

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    Ok, Ewen...I'll take your very well laid out bait.

    Yeah, when I sold in home, and now in my store, I ask about allergies and dust mites. "Does anyone in your home suffer from allergies to dust, dust mites, mold, or pet hair?"

    I'm looking for Triggers. If they just say "Nope, no allergies, no problems there.", I just move on.

    But I have laminated blown up photos of Dust mites, ticks, and fleas. I show them if I think they will get a visceral reaction. Now we are talking about an Allergy Relief System, and not a vacuum cleaner. Of course, the vacuum really does have to do everything I claim and demonstrate.

    And if they react to the dust mite question with "Yes! Little Brian has severe allergies, he's allergic to dust mites"....then every feature I show them is designed for one thing get rid of dust mites, their eggs, and dust mite feces (what they are really allergic to).

    Once you start discounting, the customer knows your price isn't firm, and you lose authority. Today, I sold (in three hours on the floor) $2,000 in vacuums (3).
    Not a discount in the bunch.
    Another way I avoid "shopping for price" is that I offer a bundle of products, including some freebies. Partly because I'm a nice guy, but also because the bundle is impossible to shop.

    You know how two found me? My Youtube videos giving complete product demonstrations. Video marketing works.
    One Call Closing book

    Terence Fletcher: "There are no two words in the English language more harmful than Good Job." Whiplash.
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      Back in 1966 I was in the Air Force. They didn't pay much so I took a part time job selling Kirby's. The store owner had this neat gizmo we'd hook onto the machine. It was a glass covered container that collected the crap we vacuumed off the floor. When we finished w/the second swipe we invited the Missus to look at what was in her carpets.

      End of story.

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