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I have a customer starting an air condition business who already had a log created before he came to me. The logo is a polar bear, which a few other companies already have in the tri city area. His company is named AC_Remedies. I really struggle with logo ideas. I was possibly thinking about a prescription bottle laid over with the lid off and snow flakes coming out of the bottle and possibly some catchy tag line on the bottle but I am not sure about that. Any good ideas?
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    Hire a professional.
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      Originally Posted by Dan McCoy View Post

      Hire a professional.
      I agree with this.

      I don't know the point of the pill bottle mentioned earlier.

      You could incorporate:
      Ice cubes
      Blue letters

      I doesn't have to be a polar bear.
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      Originally Posted by Dan McCoy View Post

      Hire a professional.
      Maybe he IS a professional ?

      Why not use a polar fox? Maybe something like firefox logo and incorporate half snowflake, half sun ... Or just draw some air wawes inside an iceberg.
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    There are many website offering online logo creation. Try to search in google..
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    We could talk about what to do or include but it would be so much easier to have a pro
    do some examples for you.
    When Im trying to generate ideas for logos I usually go to fiverr or odesk and find someone who will do a bunch of examples for a few bucks. Sometimes I let the original person complete the job and other times I take a few of the best examples and have another person build off them.
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    If you can't afford a proffesional but you have the skills to make a pro logo try this.
    Google image search AC repair logos, HVAC repair logos and other variates and save the best logos you find. See what makes them work and then create an original using the principles you found to work well in your research. Doing a quick search I found this logo, the penguin with the shades is a nice touch.


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    Animated gifs, in logo work very well, then just think about want you, design it well and with clickable to opt form, or pop up, that's a logo, with seo built in.

    Thanks Rob.
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    Internet is full of graphics inspiration resources. Here is some links from my bookmarks that you may find useful:


    Just make sure you don't use any copyrighted material.
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    As a designer, you have to educate yourself, grow your ideas by frequently visiting top designers sites.

    Here is my little advice for designers with narrow mind:

    1. Use Google images for ideas, i suggest making a custom stuff if you can except if the clients request otherwise.

    2. Use your initiative, a lot of times the client provides information of what they want.

    In your case, you want to make a logo for AC Repairs, simply use the first and last name coupled with AC image and maybe spanner or mechanic with a spanner. The idea is just unlimited, do not limit yourself..
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    The OP is asking for ideas guys, not where to have a logo made or where to find a place to make a logo.

    You could have a Polar bear with a thermometer in his mouth and have it clearly show that he's getting a fever, perhaps have the sun shining really bright which is why its making him hot.

    Then to play on the word remedies in the company name, an arm or hand could be giving the polar bear a prescription bottle with cold air inside.
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    Thanks everyone for the input and Thanks Rus for getting my question. I glad you could see how I was wanting to tie in the prescription bottle to the company name, I was beginning to worry that I was way off with that idea, but if it gets some people asking and others get the connection I guess its working. and maybe on larger graphics like header, service van decals, ect. the prescription bottle could have: Prescribed by: "Dr. Comfort", and have: For treatment of (List of all services provided). Also the business owner could start associating his NAME aka "Dr. Comfort" in all his marketing ventures. Well its a start. Thanks again for all the input.
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