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The last few days I have been searching the forum for ideas and I'll tell you
what... it got tiring.

So I decided to place a few of the kick-ass topics here so others can discover
them a little easier. If you want to add some just post a link and I will add
it to this main post

Sales Mastery:

How to go from zero to $50,000 with John Durham

How to rock at cold calling, with Jason Kanigan

Beginners dream sales thread with Jason Kanigan

Step by step how to sell easy websites, with Simon74

$11,000 a month from newsletters? with XponentSYS

3-4 leads a day selling mobile sites from a craigslist ad, with Jeremy Bratcher

Directory sites are easy and can make you SERIOUS money, with John Durham

The secret to get $2500-$10,000 per sale, with Andrew Cavanagh

Lead generation: The hidden treasure chest, with TyErickson

"Decoy pricing" your way to more sales, with WillR

Direct Mail, copywriting

Reposition the competition and win BIG, with Ewenmack

Reposition Part 2, with ewenmack

Postcards work great for for high quality list building! with jrod014

Create postcards that SELL, with Bob Ross

$5k a month selling simple ads, with Bob Ross

WAR ROOM EXCLUSIVE: Mail and Grow Rich Guide

How to create KILLER emails in 2013~ Rick Duris

Craigslist Mastery

The ULTIMATE craigslist thread

SEO for the Offliner

Top 10 strategies for local rankings, with scottgallagher

Kick ass directory profit strategies

How I get $10k a month from a directory

Outside the box

Text and SMS businesses will love!
with Rick Duris

The infamous 'refrigerator magnet' thread~ Martin Buckley

Linkedin Magic

'First contact' your way to $$$, with Irish Intuition

The web designers Linkedin advantage, with iamchrisgreen

$100,000 in sales from Linkedin, with JohnLogar

Ideal Offline Prospects

List of businesses that make $1000+ per sale~ Matt Lee

Offline Tools

The COMPLETE offline resource~ Ryan Shaw

Whew, I'm too tired to do more. I'll come back later and add some
#cold calling #direct mail #linkedin #offline #postcard

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