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Fellow badasses/ warriors where can I find web design clients? I make some of the best Wordpress blogs on the web. I am about to get started on Clicksor. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    In person is a great way - many folks want to start blogs or have small side businesses - explain the benefits of a website - referals - growth.

    In my experience, starting with people you know is a great way to get started in the web design market.
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    Why not try offline businesses....

    Improve their existing website or create one for them if they don't have one,

    I used this method for the first time last month and made $1000 (2 x $500 sales)

    Good Luck

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  • Themadhatter,

    Assuming you already have a market to target, there are a few ways you could go about doing this. You could try getting people to give you contact information online and then market to them via email until you start getting phone calls.

    Or you could call people up yourself. Either way you will probably have to have some personal contact with someone before they sign up with you. I would start practicing your sales skills because that is really the only way you are going to land clients. You have to be able to articulate your value proposition and be able to talk to people.


    Outsource to the experts...

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    What about writing content for the FAQ's that your ideal customer have so that they find you online. Also you cannot beat meeting someone in person.
    Pilar Torres W.
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    Professional Web Hosting for agencies, web designers, developers, small business & medium sized businesses.
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    I'd go offline - there are thousands of businesses who need the service - start local and grow from there - If you got on the horn today or hit the pavement I'd be willing to bet you'll find a client by EOD.
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    Thank you much fellows.

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    What I did for my client search was go on "yellowpages" and just cold call.

    Thats the best and the fastest method after doing some SEO and other stuff.

    After that the best stuff is to get Google alerts for your keyword and comment on the blogs and news articles showing up for instant traffic, and after the article ranks for ongoing traffic from it.

    Got like 200 visitors from just 10 comments. Awesome method ...
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    Your best bet is probably to create an account on elance.com and/or odesk.com, there will be plenty of clients there looking for web design services.
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    I had the same questions, I got a couple of websites from people that I know, and if you do a great job, they will recommend you to other people. You are well of it you try local businesses than going on elance or odesk, the competitions their is fierce.

    We do Graphic Design Graphic Design and Web design

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