Their problem is not the real problem.. surface and deep level pain.

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When identifying needs and probing for pain, we mostly get symptoms of problems as opposed to the underlying issue. if we do not probe deep enough.

Next time you identify a problem, probe deeper. Ask questions such as:

Can you tell me more about that?
Can you be more specific?
Give me an example.

Usually the prospect can be made aware that they have a problem, but getting them to illustrate the full implication is harder because they usually don't know what is causing the dissastisfaction.

The more they tell you about how bad the problem is, and the implications are if they don't fix it the more urgent it will become in their minds.

The next step of the needs analysis is to gain commitment from them to actually do something about their situation. This step occurs before you present your product.

What would happen to <x> if you did nothing about this?

Are you ready to give up dealing with this problem?
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