Facebook Ads Account - Disabled and No Help. Move on?

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Tried to run a campaign. Campaign froze, ad account disabled. Didn't panic. I knew I was new the game and had my ID and any verification they needed ready and waiting. Everything is on the up and up and I'm ready to verify anything they need within minutes. I even sent then my ID when requested.

Got this douchey response....

"After careful review, I've determined that we're unable to take further action regarding this matter."

Nothing at all. Guess I can just never use facebook ads.... ever again.

Am I dealing with a disgruntled employee or what? If I showed actual signs of fraud, I suppose that is a fair respone. But I haven't (payment method working fine and I have others if needed), plus I am willing to submit any documentation they need.

Should I move on and forget facebook ads? Are they that "too big to care" like google is now?

I was psyched about trying out their PPC too -- their audience targeting seemed pretty awesome and I found setting up a campaign to be easy. Plus I heard good things. I'm working with bing and I like it a lot so I wanted to branch out and the branch hits me in the damn face.

If this is how their support is handled -- guy basically telling me to piss off -- I don't even know if I want to use them. Worth the bother?

I replied back telling him to elevate this above him. Superior or just someone else because I felt he wasn't doing his job and being lazy (I'm sure he loved that, haha), but I fully expect not to get a reply -- getting that "we're so big we don't need you, go away small fry" sort of felling, you know?

Anyone have this kind of experience with them? Do you recommend jumping through hoops? I've got like 5 credit cards so I could always try again... not that it would work.

Thanks for you input.

P.S. My first campaign was to a squeeze page -- but that's hardly fraud. I used hypertracker link to forward to my site... not fraud. Perhaps these things caused it? I don't know... just shooting in the dark, trying to figure our what I did what or if their "risk department" is just a bunch of unhelpful turds. Thanks again!
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    There area always some glitch in the ad networks i have some clients whos credit card and campaign is not being accepted by any network you can use some one else card and details for your campaign doors are always open.
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    You can never open a new FB ads account on your name, You can only get on a new name, new address, new credit card, new ip, new pc.

    For me around 10 Accounts suspended so far.
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    Anyone else?

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    Restart you campaign with another account!

    Free Guide to Make Money Online [Now!]
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    Yeah, I will retry with a new account and maybe a new paypal email -- just add a secondary email to my paypal account.

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    I would try emailing a few more times. Last year had to try 3 different reps and several emails before got issues corrected. 2 of 3 said nothing can be done and 3rd apologized for their mistakes and fixed.

    If no good then, simply set up everything different, especially email and card.
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      I know this thread is a couple of months old but o am having the same problem and seem to be stuck in an endless correspondence loop. I give the information the auto response asks for and they respond with the same email to request the same information.

      Fast easy success mentioned emailing them. Can you post that email address?

      I have heard that simply opening a new account is a violation. Therefore without getting this resolved I seem to be stuck.

      Any help is appreciated.
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        I've had this same exact thing happen with 3 different accounts. I wasn't even promoting anything outside of FB, just boosting posts on my page. Always the same cut and paste response saying they won't re-activate the ads. I don't know what to do anymore. If anyone has the solution I would love to know.
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    And btw, yes I did use a different card each time. I haven't tried new IP yet. That might be what I'll have to try. Now I'm wondering if they're monitoring my name somehow though. It's almost like I have to commit fraud and make up a whole new fake identity.

    I've read the safest way is to create a personal account, add friends, comment on stuff, look at pictures, etc etc for at least one month before attempting to run any ads, which I actually did do, and it was a personal account I've had for a couple years. Either way, that's ridiculous in my opinion. Why not make a way for businesses to advertise rather than having to be linked to a personal account? Why do we have to use Facebook in our personal life to advertise there? Makes no sense.
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    ask your bank for new number of credit card, create new fb account, place new cc number, then running ads.
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    FB is one traffic source.. please learn Brother... and SEO is TOP
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    Its a trick to create unlimited new fb accounts, get it cooked and then use it, we can make as many fb account as we want and run our ads.

    For any help in this regard PM me.
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  • I just got the same response "Thanks for reaching out. After careful review, we've determined that we're unable to take further action on this matter." when appealing for the Facebook marketplace.

    I've done the same thing, sent in my information including the picture of my driver's license, and I get that generic response. I've actually done this a few times, and I get the same response, word for word, under a different name each time. Obviously those responses are automated using random names.

    I have not sold anything illegal. I have no idea why i am blocked from the marketplace.
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    Once your ads account is disabled, move on. You will always get the similar response. Create another account and use different Card or PayPal to run ads campaign on Facebook.
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