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I'm looking for some recommendation of software that will review our ad words clients accounts and help us identify any opportunities and short comings.
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  • I don't think you can buy software for this. It would be SAAS (Software as a Service) products like Wordstream. I have no direct experience with them although I was given a report from a client once and can't say I was impressed.

    If you are an agency, you need software to help, can't function properly and provide good service without it. But don't totally rely on it. It should be used to assist, especially analysis. PPC needs a human touch. Options are to find existing solutions or build your own like I did. Maybe we can hook up.
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        Hi Blindbiz,

        While you may find software tools that can assist you in managing campaigns, they are just tools and it is the knowledge and skill of the person that uses those tools that makes them effective. Tools like Wordstream or Marin Software are used by agencies that manage a lot of accounts, and use the older efficiency style of cost-center based campaign management. However, all the tools you need are already built into AdWords, or can be created using simple spreadsheet software like MS Excel.

        The tools you need for effective campaign management are already present within the ad platform, it is the knowledge of how to use those tools that you may want to seek. The problem I have with those commercial (SaaS) tools is that they all work the same way, more or less, and that won't do in a competitive environment like PPC advertising. I noticed early on that people using those tools tended to act, and react, in very predictable fashion. I quickly discovered that this is their weakness and I could use that as a strategic advantage.

        The bottom line is that none of the commercial tools on the market are designed to help you use Profit-Driven marketing strategies, and Profit-Driven strategies are the ones winning in today's marketplace. All those tools that I have looked at are designed for cost-center based management, which focuses on efficiency rather than growth. They are great for agencies that have only one account manager for every 100 clients. It allows them to provide basic management tasks where they have fewer than 5 minutes per day, per client. However, that type of management isn't likely to produce the best results for your clients.

        PPC advertising is very competitive, you must compete for ad positions in real-time auctions. You need to devise strategies that will beat your competitors, not simply match their efficiencies. So, first decide what type of agency you want to be, one that manages lots of accounts with a high degree of efficiency, or one that helps his clients grow their businesses in a highly competitive market? Once you have answered that question it will be obvious which types of tools you will need.
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          Great reply. My mission has been Helping Others Succeed for a dozen years. I'm in a very narrow niche market, and offer websites and SEO services for our clients. We specialize in Local SEO/PPC.
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    You can use power editor in Google chrome browser for this purpose.
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      SAAS is fine. I own a small agency, I have 75 on going clients. My PPC guy is leaving in a few weeks. I think it's time I learn Ad Words even better and expand our offings to my existing clients. Looking for tools to double check my work.
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