Facebook Re-marketing Campaign Question (urgent help pls :-)

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Hi Guys,
We have three sites where we want to run a -remarketing campaign for these sites but they
are in the same account.

So I set up a campaign and selected custom audience for the first site and selected to target all past visitors in the last 30 days. I selected the countries as well.

Now I create a second campaign but when I go to the second site, my question is can I select that saved custom audience that I just set up or will that mix up the re-targeting between the both which i do not want. In other words do I need to create a new custom audience or can re-use the one for that other site without mixing them up.

Thanks so much for your help :-)

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    Yes you need a new audience tag to keep them separate. When you create the audiences in Tools > Audience Manager > Create, it show the criteria for being included in that audience. You would have 3 separate audiences if you don't want to mix them up.

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