How I can setup remarketing for particular website traffic?

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How can I do remarketing only for those people which are coming from the particular website?

For example: In my analytics, I have seen that, from site, I get good no. of traffic which is coming to my site.

Then, how can I do remarketing particular those people who are coming from the to my site?
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  • Interesting idea but I don't believe that's possible. Remarketing lists are built based on actions taken on your site, such as visiting certain pages, not where they came from.

    The only way I can think of to make this work is some code that checks the referring site, redirects to a page (you'd need to create one page for each referring site) which could then be used for remarketing. I'm not a web developer so I'm not sure if this is possible.

    I also don't see where a remarketing strategy depending on where a visitor came from would be beneficial. It shouldn't matter but maybe you have some innovative idea in mind.
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    If you're using Facebook Ads to get traffic to your site.

    You can re-target people that recently visited your website.

    You have to place a pixel on your website, thereby fb will track website visitors.

    You can therefore , create a custom audience of people that visited your website recently and create a fb Ads re-targeting them.
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    You could add Facebook ads pixel to your site.Then create an audience in Facebook ads manager for people who visit your site.Once that audience is big enough,you could create a Facebook campaign targeting that audience with an ad of your choice.
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  • Judey and Echelon I think you guys misunderstood him. He's talking about isolating a specific audience based on the referring site they came from.

    I think LucidWebMarketing's idea was the closest you'll get.

    Question is, why do you want to isolate just that group? Are you planning on running a very specific promo to ONLY those people from that specific referring site?
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    Okay Kayo,

    My understanding- You are running ads and on a particular website on which your ads are showing getting more clicks and hence more traffic and you want to promote a particular offer to them via remarketing. Right?

    I suggest, You run a dedicated campaign running ads on that website and add UTM code in the link.
    Then While creating a Remarketing Campaign you make that the URL contains = your UTM Values.
    This way you will be able to target such people.

    Otherwise, how are these people coming from a particular website to yours, please let me know?
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    Thanks nikhil1108 , Steven of Polonius , echelon , Judey & LucidWebMarketing for replying. You all are closet to my question. But still I dont get exact answer. I want to target only 1 website traffic through the remarketing.

    I guess in remarketing there is option selecting the referring site match. And based on that it will be possible to target specific website traffic. What do you say, guys? Am I right or not?
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