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Can the Google Adwords Customer Service Specialists be trusted? Recently I received a phone call from one of them and they said they wanted to help me get more clicks through Adwords and sales conversions through linking Adwords to Google Analytics. How much can you trust these representatives? Do they really have positive intentions to get you more ROI or are they there just to squeeze maximum profit from your Google Adwords Campaign?
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    I received a similar call from them and the guy was legitimate. He helped me choose the right keywords and all. But not all cases are same. You can directly email google or visit their forum and ask about the caller credentials.
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    I'd listen to their advice and evaluate it to fit my own campaigns!

    Reasons is they are usually working with big brands - who have thousands of dollars if not millions in ad budget! There are usually no mystery secrets in Adwords they need tell you, usually they are of big help if you run into account issues and functionality...

    But what is going to get you profitable is you just need to keep searching and testing keywords !
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    MY personal experience is do listen but not trust as they will enhance your budgeting you need to be carefull while doing so
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    Listen to what they're saying, but validate with your own testing. Remember, these "specialist" are not really deep practitioners. They come through a training process, given some test accounts and adwords credits they get to play around with.

    But since they're playing with Google's money, they have nothing to loose when running campaigns. With that said, they're not really invested in the conversion or Lifetime Value of a customer when say compared to a business owner who has to turn a profit with the campaigns they run.

    Of course, this is not the Google employee's intention - however, the fact remains; someone running profitable Google Campaigns for years has more skills and mastery when compared to a "Cookie Cutter Trained" Google Employee.

    At the end of the day, those who work for the system need to make money for the system. So take their advise with a huuuuge grain of salt - or mabye a big ass block of salt.

    (No Offense Google Specialist person / people).


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    Whenever you ask any Google Support executive/manager any question, the main answer would be you need to increase clicks and CTR to improve the performance. I many times contacted them regarding any technical issue or conversion-related issues but they always stick to their plan of increasing budget and CPC. They advise you to use bid adjustment for mobile, location, day/time, etc. So, now whenever you call them ask them not to advise about how to get clicks very upfront. Also, ask them that you are just interested in the conversion-related suggestions.
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