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I am new to web designing. Now I planned to buy this "head first html css with xhtml" book. Is this good for beginners ?? after learning this i planned to buy "head first javascript". What's your opinion in buying these books. With these books can I able to build a good web pages ??
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    Greetings Harsh.

    Take a look at this site

    It's a perfect resource to get you started.
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    I like w3Schools as a reference and practice resource. I still learn from it. But it's still just a tad steep for an absolute beginner.

    Here's one that's got a flatter learning curve:
    Learn to Code HTML & CSS

    Then use w3schools as a refresher or to flesh it out.
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    Like the name suggested. w3school is also a possibility.

    Number 11 is lucky in snake & ladders.

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    Hi,you can learn on net with online sites.many books and sites like is best for beginners.
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