Video recording of visters?

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can we record video or watch live a site vistor is their any code or plugin for it
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    I hope not. That'd be creepy.
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    Are you referring to tracking mouse movements and pages seen by a visitor to your page and replaying it? Something like They produce a video of what visitors to your site have seen which you can replay to check for user experience. It requires some javascript and if I remember correctly a plugin on the server side that captures the content being streamed to the client.
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  • It is somewhat creepy (user privacy is a huge thing to consider), but sometimes it's helpful to know what the user exactly sees.

    If you are looking for help with troubleshooting issues for your client, you could ask the user to record a short video of the problem and send it across. A good tool you can look at is Screencast-O-Matic - Free online screen recorder for instant screen capture video sharing. .

    Alternatively, go for a teamviewer session with your client (TeamViewer - Free Remote Control, Remote Access & Online Meetings). There is a version which your client can download and run without having to install teamviewer (Teamviewer Quick support).
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    Did you mean that you want to record online TV programs? If so, I think I can give you an advice. I am currently using a free online application to record videos from HBO and Netflix. This free tool not only handles encrypted video stream from various resources but also provides a scheduler function for recording the screen at my absence. That’s the reason why I love it so much. I believe this tool would be nice for you as well. You can access this tool here.
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    Ultimately what you want are heat-maps if you're objective is for search engine optimization.

    I can't speak to other reasons, besides technical support, for needing to record the visitors browser.

    The resources required to video record the visitors browser (probably somehow using javascript) is large, both in terms of server capacity on the cost of the developer who could actually help maintain such a thing.

    Design & Developer

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