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This might be a really stupid question, so bear with me...

I would like to list "exclusive" recipes that I've developed myself on my website. There won't be a cost for them and the user can use as they see fit. But, I would like for people to link back to my site with them. The odds of someone actually giving me credit are not good.

So, my question is:

Is there a way to embed a link back to my site within a recipe?
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    If you make your recipe into an ebook you can embed a link.

    You can also just add the link into the recipe using the <a href=></a>. The link will be there and people can click it if they want. I would encrypt the html if you do not want someone to remove it from the recipe.
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      Lockpicker made a good suggestion, a program that I use to EASILY create PDF ebooks is OpenOffice, it is a program similar to MS Word, but it is open source, and it is free. You can design your ebook in "OpenOffice Writer" using graphics or whatever your imagination comes up with and export it to a PDF, inserting your links wouldn't be a problem.

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    Yes, create a little cook book pdf ebook. Then link back to your site. To get more traffic to your site using this technique, don't include all your recipes in the pdf. Add something like, 'For different variations of this recipe, click here'... Or 'visit www.yoursite.com/recipies.html'

    Give them an incentive to read further on your site.
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    Excellent ideas with the PDF ebook you can add to that by Going to a few forums and blog posts that relate to your Niche and post a few Unique recipes titles and some of the ingredients. Explain what makes that so Special.
    With a link back to your website for full details.
    (explain their will be no cost to them).

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