How can I duplicate/replicate a Wordpress post automatically?

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If I have a Wordpress site, example: and, both using the same theme, both using the same plugins, is it possible to duplicate a post from to automatically?

Like, if I post something on, will automatically posted on, as well.
Is there such a WP plugin to do that? I don't care about duplicate content, it's both mine anyway. Or should I worry about duplicate content?

At first, I'm confused as to what domain I should use for my new website. I come up with 2 domain names. After a few hours trying to select which domain to choose, I decided to just buy the 2 of them and use them at the same time, with the same content.

Manually posting from wp1 and wp2 is not a problem though, but I wish there's a way to automatically replicate a post from wp1 to wp2 automatically, no need to repost what was posted on wp1 to wp2.
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