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with php programming; that is all done for the backend of a website such as in wordpress

in contrast to html doing everything on the frontend such as how the webpage is displayed? would this be accurate?
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    YES, HTML and CSS is used to create the "FRONTEND", HTML and CSS is the major components in creating the web designs. PHP Scripts is used to Create the "BACKEND" were the functions of the website is created.
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      In a very general sense, yes. In practice, it's not as concrete as that; one tends to use the tools that are most appropriate for the immediate task at hand.

      For example, here's some code I wrote today for my investment firm client. It's mostly PHP, but it "jumps" into HTML to output the h1, h2, table, etc. The outer loop displays an h2 for each account, and the inner loop displays a tr for each transaction. Then the HTML "jumps back" to PHP for the actual values to display, such as $row["FullName"], and so on.

      (I posted a graphic because WF won't let me post the actual code for some odd reason.)
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