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by navi11
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Looking to get into coding and I am interested in the tools/sites/extensions/programs/social media/blogs that are essential to you, as a coder/programmer.

Here are one or two I have come across so far and examples:

Applications - Notepad++, Winmerge
Chrome/Firefox Extensions - What Font, Eye Dropper
Learning Resources -, Udemy, CodeSchool
Forums - Programming
Websites/Blogs - Mashable

Will hopefully be a good resource for new tools to try and for newbies to look at.

Please list your favs, Thankyou
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    Applications - notepad++ or Sublimetext
    Learning Resources - W3Schools,, Stackoverflow
    Chrome / Firefox - The built-in developer tools are a necessity.

    Also, once you're a bit good with the basics, look for frameworks that you can use in your respective programming language. That will make your life a lot easier in the long run.
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    If you want to get into coding there is literally only one essential resource. STACK OVERFLOW.

    It is an absolute goldmine of information. Especially when you know a lot of languages and maybe forget little bits of syntax in a certain language. So you know exactly what you want to do, just can't remember the exact syntax in the language you are currently working in. Stack Overflow will give you the answer in seconds.

    Chrome Dev tools is essential for any web based work.

    Text editors and IDEs are all personal preference. I like Sublime Text 3 and Vim for most work and Visual Studio for .NET work.

    As far as learning resources are concerned I like Pluralsight and CodeSchool.
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    Check out some of the new features in Firefox Developer Edition.

    Lightning round:
    - Development environment: XAMPP
    - Text editor: Sublime Text 2
    - Graphic editor:
    - FTP client: FileZilla

    Regarding education: I swear by O'Reilly and Treehouse.

    EDIT: [adding]

    Additionally, one of the hardest lessons for hackers to learn is: you can't get very far on your own.
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