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Hi,, Everyone, I am Having Classified Wordpress site But new user Registration email is not going to user & if the new user giving forgt password but email is not sending.

How to set up Email Sending to new Users? But the Email settings is defaultly came with the theme is there any other option to configure it? Or any other way to send mail to my users?
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    sending email can be tricky as you need mail server. Try googling for mandrill, register free account and you can send 12,000 mail by their gateway. Install some email plugin for WP and you can configure to send email by Mandrill . I'm not WP expert so I won't tell you which plugin.
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      I'm not a word press either, but I know how to configure email. There's a lot involved and I have a whole site dedicated to the subject matter, Unlock The Inbox.

      But as robomedia says, you need to have a mail server or an account with an email server provider that you can send mail through. The issue with major ESP is that the will limit sending.

      If you're running wordpress off windows, Smartertools.com offers a free 1 domain email server.

      If you're running off Linux, Exim and Postfix are popular choices.
      Test Your Email - Send an email to mailtest@unlocktheinbox.com - Results in minutes.
      ZeroBounce - The ultimate email validation system.
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    I have had good luck using sendgrid with wordpress. It is a plugin and it will use the sendgrid smtp settings and servers. Plus you will have the added benefit of email tracking with sendgrid.
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    Thank You All For Your valuable Replies
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