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For open source collaboration,

I own I want to startup Bitsfit Entertainment. I dont have stable housing. I have lots of programmer challenges.

Game designs like yoxi and virtual livingroom VLC viewer extension also pay per click hack and slash mmorpg based on advertising where player is the ad and players are paid if gift card rewards to play. Think interactive gifthulk or swagbucks site wrapped around mmo game with adverts to be destroyed.

File Type Manager. Renames files to specified extension and maintains a lookup table like namespace server while encrypting the file header.

MUTT multi user tech terminal linux fork that supports multiple HID human interface devices and assigns desktops and allows users to share desktops and machines.

AVF files Animated Vector font files this file type is vector font but allows the vertices to be set to animations and gradient.

PPP perifery password protocol allows cookies to be stored on dongle cookieJar.

Virus protection via dummy file putting fake executables read only with virus names in places like system32 and other system paths to prevent virus installation.

Snippetizer code snipet database managment that uses local defines and creates a table for variables specific to code snippet being used. Also need mass file search and replace for editing items in many files would be good to keep subversion log of text being changed.

Several physical devices like tripleClickr and blurVisors see or message for more info

Midi message modifer this alters midi to mirror input on selected note or scalar mute or scale symmetrics.
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