Bring absolute positioned child out of parent?

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Please go here and click Facebook Like button in the social sharing bar floating at the left of the post.

After the click, there should appear a share dialog box but it seems to be buried inside the parent div. I searched across Google and tried to add overflow:visible to the parent div but it doesn't work. There's also a parent div with overflow:hidden and I've changed it to overflow:visible but it still refuses to work.

Weirdly, when the browser window gets shrinked with the share bar becoming horizontal, the Like button share dialog box appears properly upon click.

Another issue is with Firefox and IE, when the share bar becomes horizontal as viewport shrinks, Tweet button mysteriously disappears. But this doesn't happen in Chrome. It's really weird. When I use Firebug to examine the <li> element which contains the Tweet button code in the horizontal share bar, it's somewhat made semi-transparent or something fading in the background. However I see NO visibility:hidden or display:none styles thereof.

I tried to move the Tweet button down the line after the Facebook Like button and it disappears on horizontal status nonetheless.

Any help would be very much appreciated regarding the 2 issues! Thanks!
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    I managed to solve the first problem by finding the parent <li> element which has an overflow:hidden style and changing it to overflow:visible.

    Still looking for solution for the 2nd problem. It's mysterious as it can get. I find it's related to the resizing of the window but was never able to find the javascript that changes the state of the tweet button. Really weird.


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