Can you help me figure out this wordpress theme problem?

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I visited my site today and noticed the side bar moved from the right to left. also included was some random widgets I never added before.

you can see the site here:

Hardline Marketing Blog

Can anyone help me out here and help me figure out what went wrong? I'm not sure what caused it.
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    Somehow your blog reverted to an older theme or someone edited the blog page, you can check revisions on the page that has your latest posts to see if it was done manually or you did reset the theme.
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    Didn't revert to an older theme since its always been the same. The most recent edit to a post or page was over 2 weeks ago. and I didnt notice this problem until recently.

    Something must messed with the page because there is a secondary side bar below where the guide is that wasnt there before. I deleted some of the stuff and it wont let me delete that secondary sidebar.

    So it must be something in the theme. Any suggestions?
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    I'm still stumped...

    Would this have something to do with wordpress being updated recently?
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    I find out your problem in style.css line no 543.
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