UTM Parameter Script For Optimize Press 3.0

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Hi fellow Warriors!

I am in need of a working script that will take a tracking URL parameter from a facebook ad, and pass it through all pages right through to an affiliate offer in Clickbank.

Currently I have a landing page built in Optimize Press 3.0 which has our FB pixel on it, but I need a script to pass through the tracking from each ad, so we know which ad sales are coming from.

The URL from Facebook ideally needs to be ?tid=adtrackinghere

This passes through to my landing page so the URL then reads http://www.mylandingpage.com/lander1...adtrackinghere

But this is where it ends. I have looked at so many scripts to add to the page but cannot find anything that will pass the same tracking ref from the FB ad through to my affiliate page in Clickbank so we can see it under the "track sales by tracking id" section

Can anyone help with this or point me in the direction of a coder who can create it for me to work in Optimize Press 3.0

Thanks in advance!
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